How to Make a Beautiful Herbarium With Your Children

NATURE - Follow our advice for harvesting plants, drying them, and storing them in a notebook or a frame. Your kids will love it!

Here is an ideal activity for the holidays of All Saints. Go on an exploration in the forest or the garden, collect the most beautiful leaves, and quickly get back warm to make the most beautiful of herbaria!

Some Tips for Collecting Plants from your Herbarium

  • Provide a pair of scissors, pruning shears, and a box or large bag for harvesting.
  • Go exploring, preferably when the weather is nice, and there is no more just before. Otherwise, the plants will hardly dry out and risk rotting.
  • Avoid picking up dead leaves, already dried, that you will not be able to flatten.
  • Do not pick up protected plants or poisonous plants!
  • If you are in doubt or want to know a plant's name, you can use an application that will give you its name simply by taking a picture of it with your mobile phone.

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How to Dry Your Harvest

It is best to dry your harvest immediately upon entering. Otherwise, store the plants in an airtight plastic bag until then.

The easiest way is to place the plants between two sheets of paper towels or newspaper and place them in a large dictionary for at least 24 hours.

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As a bonus, you will get a perfect decorative object to display your finds:

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How to Make Your Herbarium?

Several options for making a herbarium with your children.

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  • slip the dried plants into plastic pockets, write their name on self-adhesive labels and store them in a binder,
  • Glue them, preferably with white glue, in a beautiful notebook to note different observations (name of the plant, date, and place of harvest, color, smell).
  • Place the most beautiful specimens in a frame.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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