How to Get a Refund for an Item From AliExpress that You Don't Like

In any unclear situation, open a dispute.

When can I get a refund for an item from AliExpress?

In short, always. The item came in the wrong color or size, looks completely different from the picture, does not work or is damaged, turned out to be a fake under a well-known brand - your money can be refunded. AliExpress works like a regular trading platform, so you can get back what you spent even if you don't like the product.

But depending on the situation, you will have to make a different amount of effort for this, and in some cases, pay a little extra.

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AliExpress has two refund options.

1. Partial or full refund without sending the goods back

AliExpress itself recommends submitting a full refund if the product did not arrive at all. When the value of your claims is less than the cost of the products, partial refunds are available. For example, you ordered a white T-shirt, but a blue one came. You are ready to wear the blue one, but the sediment remains. And you are applying for a refund, for example, 50% of the cost, to compensate for the inconvenience.

You specify the amount of compensation yourself, so you can claim 1-100% of the cost for a partial refund.

The final figure will be the result of bidding with the seller. If you disagree, the AliExpress administration will connect to the conversation and deliver the final verdict. It is important not to be impudent and indicate an amount that is comparable to the problem. If the fitness tracker does not work, your intention to return the item's full price will be clear. But for a small hole in a T-shirt, which is eliminated with two stitches, you can ask for a smaller one.

2. Return of goods and money

You return the item to the seller and add a tracking number to the dispute. Your money will be reimbursed as soon as the seller receives the package. This approach is more difficult, and the effort is not always worthwhile.

But if you bought a costly item, sometimes it’s more profitable to send it back and get your money back than to claim a partial refund and risk being wrong in the dispute. And this is the only way out if everything is in order with the product, but you did not like it.

How to choose a return method

Here you have to make a decision and calculate the costs yourself. But for inexpensive parcels with defects, as a rule, it is more profitable to issue only a refund without sending the goods.

Let's say you ordered a blouse according to the seller's size chart, and the thing turned out to be small for you. Its price is 800 rubles; the weight is 350 grams. It costs about 540 rubles to send it to China from St. Petersburg. So you will only win 260 rubles. It is much more profitable to request a refund, for example, 90% of the cost of a blouse - 720 rubles, and then resell or donate the thing.

How to issue a refund

1. Do not rush to confirm receipt of the parcel

Technically, you have 15 days to open a dispute after you have confirmed receipt of the package. Sellers are much more accommodating if the order is marked as undelivered, as this affects the statistics.

2. Collect evidence

Be prepared for a possible dispute with the seller as soon as you receive the package. Be sure to film the unboxing. Demonstrate to the camera the sticker with the tracking code on the roll, the integrity of the package, and then open it. This will prove that the package is incomplete or has obvious defects.

Also, use photos and screenshots of the correspondence with the seller. If, before ordering trousers, you asked a consultant for advice, sent him measurements, a photo of your figure, and average fluctuations in your weight, this will help prove the seller's guilt in choosing the wrong size. If the cover's description covers description indicates that it fits your laptop but barely fits on your smartphone, take pictures of the purchase and the laptop itself nearby.

When you can confirm your dissatisfaction with the evidence, the AliExpress administration usually takes your side.

3. Write to the seller

The button you need is right on the order card.

This is not necessary. You can communicate with an already open dispute. But if the store has a high rating, you can give it a try. Usually, sellers with a good reputation try to meet the client's needs, immediately return the money, pay to eliminate minor defects or send the same thing without defects.

Make sentences as simple as possible. Not all sellers speak foreign languages ​​and translate complaints into Chinese using special services.

4. Open a dispute

The corresponding button is available in the order card, both confirmed and not yet delivered.

Choose what interests you - only refund or return of goods and money.

In the first case, indicate whether the goods arrived or not, the amount for which you are applying. If you are not satisfied with something about the product you received, you will be more likely to win a return of the incomplete cost. Leave the seller a small amount, and he will be more accommodating.

Describe the problems encountered in free form. Focus directly on the AliExpress administration. Upload photos and videos. If you choose to return an item, please indicate why. The rest is the same. Only you still have to send the goods to the seller and indicate the tracking code.

How to Get a Refund for an Item From AliExpress that You Don't Like
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5. Follow the progress of the dispute

The seller is given five days to react. If you disagree, the site administration will get involved. For details, select "My Orders" from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner, then "Returns and Disputes" from the left menu. Details in the product card.

Sometimes the seller immediately accepts your terms. But when it comes to a full or partial return without sending the goods back, he begins to be cunning. Popular schemes are:

  1. The seller persuades you to close the dispute and resolve the issue amicably. Please do not do this, as he may hold out with an answer, and all-time limits will expire. Close the dispute only if the money has already been credited to the card.
  2. The seller asks to return the product. Express your readiness to send the parcel in correspondence, but at the expense of the merchant, because he is to blame for what happened. You will most likely be favorably allowed to keep the package.
  3. The seller is bargaining and trying to reduce the amount of compensation. If you are satisfied with his proposal, you can agree. Or stand your ground.

Be polite, don't be personal, operate with facts - AliExpress moderators will consider this when deciding. The result of the dispute will be published there.

When will the money be returned?

Usually, money goes to your card rather quickly. AliExpress itself claims a period of 3–20 dispute ended and did not receive credit card refund working days. When returning goods, count this period from the moment the seller receives the package.

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If the money is not returned, take a stamped statement from the bank, mark the transfer with which you paid for the goods, and contact AliExpress customer service.

Things to Remember

  1. Don't be afraid to order on AliExpress. A bad purchase does not mean you will lose money. The site insures you against unscrupulous sellers and often takes your side.
  2. Choose a product on AliExpress carefully, read reviews, and correspond with the seller to not miss the order. Appreciate value for money. If you are responsible for the unsuccessful order, you will have to send the goods back, which is expensive.
  3. Video the unpacking of the package. Confirm claims for a dispute with the seller with photos and screenshots.
  4. Keep track of the time frame in which you can open a dispute. This is the best way to solve your problems. But if the deadline has expired, do not lose hope and write to the support service.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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