How to Forget your Ex: 15 Basic Tips to Apply

After a romantic relationship with a person, it is not always easy to turn the page. After having shared a great deal of time, passion, tastes, and confidence it is not surprising that we have the habit of having this person by our side.

We cannot let this affect us, and so the best we can do is reprimand our life. But to do that, it is necessary to know how to forget that ex-partner through certain basic tips that must be applied.

The 15 Basic Tips to Forget Your Ex

Life goes on despite the painfulness of a sentimental breakup, and it is that we cannot be anchored with dysfunctional thoughts. Whatever the reason, the point is that this person is no longer part of our daily lives.

Knowing how to forget an ex is easier if you know-how. There are a series of basic tips that you should apply if you want the process to be easier and less painful. Here we show you what are the key points where you should not fail.

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1. Do not idealize the other person

Idealizing another person it is easy to become obsessed. If you think rationally, you will surely realize that if you think too much about your ex, it is because to a large extent you tend to think that he is too unique. But the truth is that you are surely maximizing its virtues and not considering its defects sufficiently.

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2. Accept that the relationship was not working

When a relationship ends it is obvious that it was not working. As with the idealization of the person, it is possible that you idealized the relationship. Your ex may be a good person, but this doesn't mean they are necessarily the person you need to have by your side.

3. Identify the negative

Related to the two previous points, it is important that we know how to value the negative. Things that were not good now will no longer be a part of your life. You may initially be reluctant to give it their importance if you haven't accepted reality, but it's important to do so.

4. Forgive (your ex and yourself)

Sometimes people make mistakes and you don't have to think about it too much. In many cases, people do what they can, and it is that errors are generally more associated with the inability to manage things than with badness. Stopping blaming yourself or the other person is vital to put the pain aside and move on.

5. Accept reality

Each sentimental story is different, but this does not change the conclusion that needs to be reached. If a story has ended, it is best to accept it. You have to be honest with yourself. Understanding that something has no turning back and assuming it is necessary to begin a new stage of life.

6. Take time

At a time of change of this caliber, it is best to give yourself a margin. Attempting to rebuild your life in a very short amount of time is counterproductive and unnecessary. In life, everything is staged and we need to allow some time to understand what we want from this moment on.

7. Don't put pressure

We usually put the pressure on ourselves. We will hardly get anything positive by pushing ourselves to feel or behave differently from one day to the next. Leaving a relationship involves a grieving process that has nothing wrong with it.

8. Not seeing your ex

This is one of the most basic advice to know how to forget your ex. In the first months after the breakup, it is very important to keep contact to a minimum.  This is very easy if you don't share mutual friends. To turn the page as quickly as possible, the easiest thing is that you don't see her for a while, even if she lives in your neighborhood.

9. Do not contact your ex

More important than the previous point is still that you do not contact her. You can end a romantic relationship in good ways and if there is an important reason you can talk, obviously. However, there are people who tend to send messages in moments of weakness. Maintaining contact without any specific purpose is very counterproductive.

forgetting your ex
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10. Don't follow your ex on social media

Although there are people who manage to overcome the previous points, there are those who obsessively follow each movement of the ex-partner on social networks. Keeping an eye on their posts or reactions on social media is not good for either of you. This does not mean that you remove it from your contacts, although there are those who consider it better to be unable to control themselves.

11. Dedicate yourself to yourself

A relationship requires an investment of energy that you can now dedicate to yourself. As it is a time of change, it is a great time to spend time doing what you could not do or that you had neglected. Also to discover new concerns or challenges.

12. Meet your friends again

After dedicating a lot to a relationship and hard moments of a breakup, there is nothing like making up time with your friends. Staying with your friends is a valuable opportunity to spend time together again. Real friends will be supportive and happy to see you. Nothing like sharing that chemistry that you have had for years both to laugh and to cry (if necessary).

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13. Contemplate new challenges

There are many people who after a while give thanks to that time after a breakup. We are not only talking about basic advice that you should apply to know how to forget your ex, it is about something else. It is an ideal time to face challenges that we had, such as cultivating our body or our mind.

14. Dedicate yourself

Entertainment is something wonderful that you can do now. Now you can take the opportunity to practice sports, travel, re-practice that foreign language that you had begun to learn some time ago, draw, dive, ... any activity that makes you feel happy is welcome.

15. Remember that nothing is so important

We live in a very demanding society that makes us think that everything is very important. We must learn to live life in a simpler way because we complicate it ourselves sometimes. This is a basic tip to know how to forget your ex. There is a multitude of possible half oranges out there, and your life can be happy whether you come across one of them or not.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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