How to Find and Join LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn is a professional network through which you can get in touch with people in the same professional sector, make new contacts, meet old co-workers, etc. To use it, you must register and complete your profile with personal and professional data.
Also, another option that this social network allows us to be part of groups is to discuss matters of interest to you and the rest of the members that make it up. There are different types of groups: business, alumni, non-profit organizations, commercial organizations, conferences, and industry-specific. We will explain how to find and join LinkedIn groups.

Steps to Follow:

Step One

Hover over Groups at the top of your home page, and select Group Directories from the drop-down menu.

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Step Two

Search for the groups that interest you using the Group Search box on the left.

Linkedin groups
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Step Three

In the same menu, you can also click on Groups that you might like and look at the groups that LinkedIn offers you, depending on your experience, studies, contacts, etc.

Step Four

Once we have found a group that we want to join, we must click on the group's name and click on the join group button.

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The group administrators must accept and approve your request, and you will receive an email when you have joined the group (this is usually a fast process).

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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