How to Feed a Nursing Dog

The feed your dog is always a topic of vital importance. During your dog's pregnancy and after giving birth, pay special attention to its nutrition. It is critical because it will determine the amount of milk you produce to feed and keep your puppies strong and healthy.

Generally, when a dog has just given birth, she does not usually want to eat. It is prevalent for the first 12 hours after delivery not to eat any food. In the first few hours after giving birth, mothers frequently avoid separating from their puppies to eat. Keep in mind, that food rich in protein is the best for them. Read on!

Lots of Fresh Water

Water is something that your dog should always have access to after giving birth. You should have plenty of fresh water at your fingertips because your dog is nursing her puppies, and that is a considerable effort and energy expenditure. Your dog's hydration needs are enormous, so she should have an abundant supply of fresh, clean water. Try to put a bowl very close to it so that it does not have to move much.

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The more frequent consumption of canned food, which tends to have high water content, is also recommended, and at this time, it is essential for your dog as this will help her continue to produce enough milk for the puppies. After the first days, your dog will regain your dog's appetite exponentially. As long as your dog is feeding her little ones, she will need more food than ever.

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High-Quality Food

You will need to feed your dog with high-quality food. Even if she is an adult, it is highly recommended to feed her with high-end puppy food for several weeks after giving birth because it will provide enough fat, protein, and calories for her puppies.

This type of diet will provide the required nutrients, and you must pay attention to the amounts since you should not overdo it in nutrition, you must feed your dog in small quantities but very frequently.

Feed them More than Twice a Day

During the first week after delivery, you should eat twice more a day than usual. She should consume twice as much as usual the next week, and in the third week, up to 3 times more than usual. She believes that the puppies will continue to grow at a fast and frantic rate.

Besides her usual food, you can feed your dog some egg yolk, cottage cheese, and liver to provide her with the necessary proteins during lactation. If you are also the mother of a large litter, it is highly recommended to give it an extra supply of calcium carbonate.

How to feed my dog ​​after giving birth - Step 3
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Consider Their Nutritional Needs

The reality is that during the three weeks after giving birth, the mother's nutritional needs increase up to four times more than before she was pregnant. For each puppy that is nursing, your dietary needs will increase by 25%. You must pay attention to their state if, despite eating what you want to lose weight, your diet is not of the quality or does not contain enough calories.

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The food with the highest energy and protein intake should be chosen during late pregnancy and lactation. An excellent tip for feeding your dog and not lose weight is to add a high-fat supplement in her food. A good supplement alternative can be vegetable oil or lard.

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