How to Find Someone on LinkedIn

The website to find work more comparable to a social network, LinkedIn, offers us multiple services to build a network of professional contacts that provides us with training and new jobs or job opportunities.
If you already have an account, you have completed your profile, and now what you want is to find a specific person, but you don't know what steps to follow, pay attention to this article. Here's how to find someone on LinkedIn so that you can view or get in touch with their profile.
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Steps to follow:

Step One

The first step to finding who you are looking for is to go to LinkedIn and log in by entering your email and password.

Step Two

On the main website, go to the top and use the search engine in the center to enter the name and surname of the individual you're looking for on LinkedIn. Then press enters or click the magnifying glass icon.

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Step Three

If the name of your contact is too popular with many results, use the menu on the left to specify details and filter the results.

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For example, you can do it by their country of residence, the company they work for, the sector to which you are dedicated, the study center, language of your profile, etc. With this, your search will be much faster and more accurate.

Step Four

In addition to filtering the results, if you know more personal information about that person, you can also use the "Advanced Search" option, located just below the black box where it says "Search." Click on it, and a window will appear in which you can enter all the specific data of that person you want to find.

Step Four

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No luck? Go to the top menu, hover over the "Network" option and, when the drop-down appears, click on "Add contacts." In this section, you can search for all the people you have added to your email. This way, if you have ever exchanged messages through your e-mail with him, you will know if the person you want to find has a LinkedIn account or not.

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