How to File Toenails

Throughout the year, but especially in the summer season, we all want to show off beautiful, cared for, and sexy feet. Summer is the time of year when we have our feet insight the longest and, therefore, it is essential to remove hardness, hydrate, and take care of our nails so that they look beautiful. We’ve all filed our nails at times, but do you think you’re doing it correctly?
There are multiple conditions in that part of the anatomy caused by the deficient practice when cutting and filing nails. We want to teach you how to file your toenails correctly, thus making them look beautiful and healthy.

Follow these Steps:

Step One

The first thing you have to do is choose the tool with which you are going to work. There are files of many types and different thicknesses.

If you have very fragile and delicate nails, choose a fine-grained file, as it will be enough for you to shape and will not damage them. As the thickness of your nail increases, you should get a coarser grit file to achieve the desired results in less time.


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Many files have two faces in which a finer grain and a thicker one are combined. It is recommended that if we have to work a lot on the shape, we do it first with the thick one and use the fine to polish the result.

How to File Toenails - Step 1
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Step Two

Another thing you have to do is choose the shape of the nails you want to get. There are several ways to file them that will depend on the type of nail you have and the shape of your fingers.

Short and Thin fingers

The ideal is to file the nails in an oval shape so that the toes look longer. To do this, file the sides and around the upper area.


Wide Fingers

If your fingers are wide, it is best to file your nails in a round shape to refine them at the tip. The way to do it is by starting to file the nail at the end and, with a circular motion, drag the file to the center. Match the other side and round the center part.

Long, Thin Fingers

If you have long and thin fingers, straight and square nails will be spectacular. File the top part in a straightforward and square shape, keeping a relatively short measure of length. File the sides straight if necessary.

How to File Toenails - Step 2
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Step Three

You should file your toenails when they are clean and without impurities inside. Clean your nails thoroughly and pat dry. You shouldn’t file your nails when they are very wet, since in that case, they will be very soft and you can damage them.

If you have very long nails and decide to change their size, you can first cut them with a nail clipper to facilitate the work. Try, as far as possible, to cut the nails in the way you have chosen so that later with the file, it is easier to follow it.

Do not cut or file your nails too short because the joint between the skin and the nail can be irritated.

If you have nail polish, remove it before filing your nails and paint again once filed and polished. That way, it will be easier for you to see if you are filing them correctly.

How to File Toenails - Step 3
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Step Four

After filing the nails, remove the remains of the excess powder with a wet wipe, for example. Check if they are well filed by passing them through a textile surface and checking that they are not caught.

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If you want your nails to look more beautiful, polish the surface with manicure elements designed for it. It would help if you didn’t do it too often as it will weaken your nails. Polishing the nail will facilitate and improve enameling.

To finish, apply a coat of clear hardener and, if desired, your favorite nail polish. It would help if you waited for it to dry well, and then you can apply your usual foot cream to finish the job.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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