How Much Should a Boxer Dog Eat?

Dogs are perfect pets, loyal to their owners, and very affectionate. In most homes, dogs are treated as a member of the family. There are many breeds of dogs, and each one has its characteristics that require extra attention in each case.
Boxers are healthy, big dogs with well-developed muscles and with the peculiarity that they puppies eat more than the adult. In this article, we indicate how much to feed your dog boxer.

Puppy Up to 6 Months

Once the mother is weaning, the Boxer dog must start eating solid food. First, you must choose whether to give it dry or wet food, since both are suitable for Boxer puppies. However, dry ones are more recommended by veterinarians because they have a lower risk of degradation and also provide more nutrients and more concentrates.

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However, sometimes Boxer puppies need to adapt to solid food gradually after weaning, and in this case, wet food can be given up to three months.

The amounts that you should feed a Boxer dog up to six months old are more significant than those of an adult since afterward, they are dogs with a tendency to gain weight, and the ribs of this breed must always be visible. Also, Boxer puppies have a lot of physical activity, so they need more food than adults.

Up to three months, a Boxer dog should eat four times a day and from three to six, reduce it to three so that it gets used to it little by little. In this way, from weaning to three months, you should give him 80 grams of feed (wet or dry) each time, so that, in total, he ingests 320 grams per day.

Between the third and sixth months, the quantity is maintained, but it is distributed three times to give it 100 grams each time.

Adult Boxer

When the Boxer dog is six months old, the diet must change, and you must make sure that the feed you give him has 40% meat, 50% vegetables, and 10% carbohydrates, and it must always be dry so that the teeth form. Correctly. The amount is reduced to 80 grams each time and only twice a day.

Once your Boxer dog is one year old, you can prepare the food yourself, but taking into account the following considerations: all foods must be cooked, they must not be salted, and there are some forbidden, such as chocolate, potatoes, legumes, spicy, remains of our food and cakes or sweets.

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Also, it is more difficult to measure the amounts, since 80 grams must be maintained in each dose, twice a day. Therefore, it is best to keep the feed dry with the specification of the nutrients (meat, vegetables, and carbohydrates) and give it 80 grams in the morning and 80 grams at night.

Food Complements

Once your Boxer dog is adult (from six months, minimum), you can supplement the diet with fish oil or flax oil to make his coat look brighter. You can also give treats to tame him, as long as it is hard and in moderate quantities, so as not to spend too much of the calories he should ingest daily.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

Sources: UNCOMO