How to Download Videos from Twitter

Do you want to download a video that you have seen on Twitter and do not know how to do it? The truth is that it will depend on how the video was uploaded to the microblogging network, but in most cases, there is a way to get it.
In this article, we explain how to download videos from Twitter, whether they are from the social network itself, from YouTube, or Vine.
Steps to Follow:

Step One

For some time, Twitter has allowed you to upload live videos from its mobile application, so one of the types of video that you can download are those that are directly inserted in tweets. So, you must click on the share icon that appears as three dots joined by lines, usually located at the bottom right, and choose the "Copy" option; then go to and paste the link you just copied.

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Choose the format (for example, MP4), the quality, and the source (which in this case will be Twitter) and click on the 'Download' button. In this way, the process of downloading the Twitter video will start and, before it ends, you will have to press the download button again that will appear or do it through the app. Finally, you need to select the location where you want to save the video, and that's it.

How to Download Twitter Videos - Step 1
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Step Two

Is it a YouTube video? If it is, the most appropriate thing to do is press on the link of the tweet to view it directly on the YouTube website and check the steps to know how to download YouTube videos.

How to Download Twitter Videos - Step 2
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Step Three

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If it is a Vine video, first click on the "play" button (in the video) to start playing. Then, click on the video with the right mouse button and select "Save video as ..." and choose the location you want to store it. The video will download in .mp4 format. As soon as the download is finished, go to the place where you saved it: it will be there!

How to Download Twitter Videos - Step 3
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Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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