How to Cook Outdoors

Outdoor cooking, even though it is typically summery, is not excluded in other seasons, such as spring or autumn and even some mild winter days. You can always do this sheltered, in a patio, shed or terrace, and on excursions and Picnic, both with family and friends. It is a friendly and fun way to cook.
With good humor and friendship, it can be an enjoyable way to socialize. Here are some tips to help you have fun and enjoy cooking outdoors.

Step One

Leaving aside the facilities built of brick, we will limit ourselves to the famous iron barbecue, a grill placed on a container in the shape of a trestle and acquired in establishments specialized in hardware articles. Like the utensil, the food thus cooked. They are called barbecue, and long tongs are also used to handle and turn the food.

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Step Two

You should use charcoal or firewood, which should be very dry. It will be lit by putting a sheet of newspaper in the form of a ball from those to light a fire.

It is set on fire, taking care that the flames are not too high, and the charcoal or firewood is allowed to burn until they are converted into embers rather past, on whose surface a whitish layer forms. All these embers must occupy the total surface of the grill since, in this way, the cooking will be regular.

Step Three

Barbecues with a movable and adjustable grate are preferable since, in this way, the distance of the food can be adjusted, depending on the cooking process.

If the food is divided into tiny pieces, a kind of mesh or net should be used metal, as otherwise, they would fall on the fire. If the food needs more fat during cooking, this must be added using a brush or oil can.

Cooking outdoors
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Step Four

Food should never be salted before or during cooking, but once removed from the heat. The delicacies cooked in this way are delicious: meats previously macerated in a marinade of oil, wine or vinegar, pepper, and aromatic herbs, acquire a delightful flavor.

The same happens with fish, which must be well impregnated with oil. On the other hand, it is advisable to sprinkle a few sprigs of fennel or rosemary on the coals since, in this way, they take on a "Provençal" flavor.

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Step Five

The birds, chickens, pigeons, etc., split from top to bottom and previously crushed on the chopping board, are perfectly grilled. They will be covered with a marinade based on tarragon, garlic, pepper, oil, vinegar, and salt. They are kept in the marinade for an hour after which, once drained and with the grill well greased, they are roasted.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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