How to Cook Frozen Meat

Although the ideal is always to defrost the meat before cooking it, we guarantee that the food is adequately preserved until the moment of preparation, many times it can happen that due to forgetfulness or lack of time, we find ourselves in need of cook frozen meat.
So how do you avoid damaging it and obtain an equally delicious dish? In this article, we explain how to cook frozen meat.

Make Use of Different Sauces

The first thing to consider is that when cooking frozen meat, a large part of its liquid and moisture may be lost. It is necessary to choose a preparation that allows us to maintain the humidity of the meat, so it is recommended to use sauces or vegetables that help make the piece juicy and delicious.

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It is possible to cook any frozen meat as long as you follow some basic recommendations for the best results.

Avoid High Cooking Temperature

Similarly, the cooking temperature should never be too high, since we run the risk that the inside is raw and the outside cooked or burned. That is why when cooking frozen meat, you should lower a little the temperature suggested in the recipe or the one you usually use to prepare that dish.

For example, suppose you are cooking a pork loin that should go to 200ºC. In this case, the recommendation would be to cook it at 180ºC or 170ºC to ensure good cooking.

Adjust Cooking Times

Another trick to cook frozen meat and make it look perfect is to adjust the cooking times. It is advisable to add 50% of the suggested cooking time to the recipe that we are preparing, generally made with fresh or properly defrosted meat.

So if we are making a dish of stewed meat that usually takes 1 hour to prepare, since the meat is frozen, it is advisable to add 30 more minutes to avoid it being raw.


It is also possible to defrost the meat a little before and thus avoid long periods of cooking. The most effective method is to place the portion of meat in cold water and leave it there for a few minutes to thaw partially, so it will take less time to prepare.

Reduce Portion Sizes

One trick that will help you cook frozen meat faster is to reduce portion sizes, so it cooks more quickly. This applies especially when we intend to prepare large pieces of meat in the oven or on the grill.

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Remember that it is always advisable to make sure that the meat is well cooked before consuming it. In this way, you guarantee your health.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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