How To Clean The Balcony Marble: 8 Tips

When cleaning the marble of the balcony, be careful not to use ingredients and remedies that spoil it, and do not treat it too often to make it dull. Here are some more tips to assist you. Read on.

1) To remove dust from your windowsills and balcony marble cladding, wipe with a damp, wrung out cloth.

2) If needed, cleanse with a solution of water and Marseille soap (you can dissolve some soap flakes in the liquid).

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3) If there are stains, treat them with a creamy batter of baking soda and water; let the mixture act, rinse, and dry. If the stains are stubborn, make another application.

4) Another grandmother's remedy to remove stains from marble is to sprinkle them with a little salt; cleanse with a little water, rinse, and dry.

How To Clean The Balcony Marble: 8 Tips
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5) To clean the balconies' marble in the long term, you can cover the surfaces with a little beeswax, which waterproofs, therefore lets the water flow, and makes the material shiny.

6) To polish the marble, rub it gently with a woolen cloth.

7) To clean balcony marble, do not use acidic ingredients and products, such as vinegar, citric acid, lemon juice, as they can damage it and make it dull. Also, avoid abrasive cloths and sponges that can scratch it.

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8) On the market, you will also find suitable products for cleaning marble; always check the marble indications.

These are the general tips on how to clean marble on balconies. For each remedy, do a test on a small spot; also, cleaning might differ according to the type of marble.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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