How to Clean Microfiber Suede Upholstery

The microfiber suede is made of polyester fibers. The delicately split fibers come together to create a suede-like fabric. The microfiber suede upholstery resists staining and absorption, requiring only a basic point of cleaning to keep it looking fresh.

To keep dirt and debris from penetrating the fibers of your microfiber suede upholstery and spoiling the appearance of your furniture, vacuum it frequently. With proper care, you can keep your microfiber suede furniture looking its best.

You will need:
Steps to follow:

Step One

Vacuum the microfiber suede upholstery with a brush to remove loose dirt.

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Step Two

Fill a bowl with 2 cups of lukewarm water and add 2-3 drops of gentle dish soap.

Cleaning microfiber upholstery
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Step Three

Wring out a cloth after dipping it in the solution. Wipe off any stains or spills on the suede.

Step Four

Dry the damp chamois with a clean towel to remove any excess moisture. Allow the chamois to air dry completely.

Step Five

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Brush dry suede to restore softness using a soft bristle brush.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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