How To Clean Chandeliers

How do I clean the lamps? And how do you clean the chandeliers with crystal drops? You ask. Chandeliers are always a difficult choice when it comes to furnishing the house; often it ends up that you "fall in love" with the chandelier and just buy without thinking about how to clean it! It is amazing how much more light can emanate from a clean and "freed" chandelier from dust. Still, you have to proceed carefully to avoid damaging it and, above all to adopt different techniques depending on the material in which it is built

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Cleaning must be done with the chandelier switched off. Another precaution to avoid unpleasant household accidents such as sunburn is to wait for the bulbs to cool before cleaning. A last essential preliminary operation is to cover the area under the chandelier with old newspaper sheets or a cloth; you will be amazed at how much dirt will come down from your lamp! At this point, it all depends on the material and design of the chandelier you have at home.

How to clean a chandelier

For a chandelier that has a fabric lampshade, use a microfibre duvet and eliminate the "dry" dust avoiding wetting the fabric. Halos may form, which are difficult to remove and which in fact, become more visible when the chandelier is on. Be careful when the materials are delicate instead immerse the glass with ammonia or using a normal degreasing detergent. Clean the base of the chandelier with a dry rag.

How To Clean Chandeliers
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How to clean a crystal drop chandelier

For more elaborate chandeliers with hanging glass or crystal drops, you can try the following system to avoid removing them and disassembling such a complex chandelier! Take a large glass,, fill it with equal amounts of water and white vinegar, and and then add a drop of dish soap or degreaser. Stir well but don't fill the glass. Then dip one drop at a time and rub lightly, then let it drip. If the drops are filthy, wipe them with a dry cloth. The final touch to make the glass shine is a swipe with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.

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If you decide to clean and disassemble a Venetian-style chandelier, and therefore very complicated, we advise you to take note with a "diagram" of how the various components are arranged so as not to go crazy when reassembling. Finally, remember to pass the bulbs well before reassembling them, being careful not to wet the base where they screw!

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