How To Choose And Store Flour

Buckwheat, rice, corn, and even flaxseed - there are more than a hundred types of flour globally, from which delicious baked goods are made. However, wheat remains the most popular worldwide. How to choose and store it? Let us find out more.

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  • For baking, it is better to use premium wheat flour packaged in paper bags. In such packaging, the product will "breathe" and retain its properties longer. But in plastic, flour quickly acquires a musty smell.
  • Quality flour should be white. A dark color means there are residues of bran.
  • Good flour crumbles into powder without leaving lumps. If, when squeezed, it forms lumps, then the flour is too wet.
  • For the baking to be fluffy and airy, the flour must be infused; that is, it will be better if the grinding was done a couple of months ago. But you should not buy a product with an expiration date. Flour, which has been stored for a long time, cakes, loses flowability, microorganisms develop in it.
  • The flour should not contain lumps, black dots (weed particles), bugs, and larvae.
  • The taste of quality flour should not be sour, too sweet, bitter, musty, and moldy. If you chew the flour a little, there should be no gritty feeling on your teeth.

How to store flour properly

How To Choose And Store Flour

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But it should be remembered that you can spoil the flour with your own hands - improper storage. The main thing for flour is the absence of moisture and room temperature. Better yet, do not buy flour in large quantities, as pests can easily go in.

After pouring the flour into an airtight container, it has a shelf life of up to six months when stored at room temperature. If the room temperature rises above 24-26 ºС, experts advise transferring the flour to the refrigerator since infection with parasites or mold is more likely at elevated temperatures.

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Sources: Today Lifestyle