How To Become An Interesting Conversationalist

Learn these six quick tips to boost your communication skills. Read on to find out.

1. Don’t be boring

Are you telling a fascinating story and seeing people yawn? Perhaps this story is not as interesting as you think. Try to complete it and let others speak.


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2. Learn to listen

Let the other person tell you about yourself. Ask him counter questions. Strangely, the people we like the most always say little.

3. Discuss the interests of the interlocutor

Ask the person about their hobbies, ask different questions, and discuss them. You are already 80% close to being liked. If you are well-versed in the interlocutor’s hobby, you can easily keep the conversation going. If not, ask him more. He will tell you with great pleasure.

How To Become An Interesting Conversationalist
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4. Keep three stories in hand

People are not interested in the features of your new phone. What really turns them on are real events that happened to you. So always have three stories to tell. They need to be exciting and emotional. Let the interlocutor be interested in what will happen in the next minute.

5. Develop charisma

There is so much meaning in this world that it becomes difficult to understand its true meaning. Some say that they are born with charisma, while others believe that this personality trait has developed over the years. But here’s interesting research conducted by two psychologists in 1967 proved that only 7% of the conversation is focused on words. The rest is in a tone of speech and body language.

Laugh, smile, be emotional. Don’t forget about gestures, and don’t rely on words alone.

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6. Live an interesting life

Chat with different people, read more books, watch movies, travel. The correct way to become an interesting person is to live an interesting life. And believe me, it will give you much more than just being a good conversationalist.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

Sources: Life hacker