How Many Fruits And Vegetables Do You Need Daily To Be Healthy

Scientists have figured out how many servings of vegetables and fruits we should eat to prolong our lives and what form they are best consumed. It used to be thought that a person needs five, seven, or even ten servings (80 g for one serving) daily. But in a new study, it turned out that 3-4 servings of fruits, vegetables, and legumes are enough for us a day.

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Scientists analyzed data on nutrition and health of more than 135,000 people worldwide, who were followed for 7 years. The number of fruits, vegetables, and legumes they ate was compared with the death rate. They considered age, gender, initial health status, physical activity, and meat and grains consumption.

The mortality rate was 22% lower among those who ate 3-4 combined servings daily than among those who ate less than one serving of vegetables and fruits per day.

How Many Fruits And Vegetables Do You Need Daily To Be Healthy
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In this study, scientists counted 375 g for three servings - slightly more than in previous guidelines, according to which almost the same (400 g) is the weight of five servings. But it is not at all necessary to calculate grams; you can measure portions in glasses.

The daily recommended intake of fruit and vegetables ranges from 1.5 to 2 cups, depending on age and gender.

The study also established an interesting fact: consuming more than four servings per day does not significantly affect life expectancy. In other words, eating 800g of vegetables and fruits will bring slightly more benefits than 400g.

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Also, scientists have found that raw vegetables are much more likely to reduce premature death than cooked ones.

If you want to stay healthy, energetic, and creative longer, have a good sleep, and be in a good mood, be sure to add fruits and vegetables to your daily diet. This will help prevent many diseases, including cancer.

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