Have Fun with the Jelly: Slimes App

Slime therapy is quite important as it is an effective way for a child's mental development and acuity, a way to relieve stress, as well as being fun. It is one of those few moments where having fun is beneficial to you.

A typical type of slime is the jelly slime which gives an awful lot of sensation and tingling joy when you feel it. With everything becoming digital, slime has been simulated into apps to give the same euphoric feeling.

Continue reading to learn more about one such app: the Jelly: Slimes app.

  • About the Jelly: Slimes App
  • About ASMR
  • The Nature Section
  • The Slimes Section
  • The Courses Section
  • A Range of Slimes
  • App Cost and Subscriptions
Have fun with the Jelly: Slimes App
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About the Jelly: Slimes App

Jelly: Slimes & ASMR is an app and game that allows you to use the power of slime therapy and ASMR to relieve stress. It takes you off the platform of being a viewer of ASMR videos and providing visual sensation in a relaxing way.

Have fun with the Jelly: Slimes App
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It matches the sound effects of ASMR, the gooey sensation of jelly slime, with fun activities from its features.

It offers lots of benefits from relaxation, fun games, and slime creation. The game is available for both Android and iOS users to enjoy as well.

How to Download the App

Downloading the Jelly: Slimes & ASMR is the same process as downloading any other app on the app stores. On the App Store for iOS users, search ‘Jelly: Slime simulator, ASMR' and select the correct result to go to its download page. The download will then begin on the device after you click the "Get" button.

If you're an Android user, go to the Google Play Store and search for ‘Jelly: Slimes & ASMR, antistress simulator games'. When you locate the correct app, click it to navigate to its download page. From there, click ‘Install’ to download the app to your device.

After successful download and installation, you can begin to enjoy all the interactive benefits the app has to offer.

About ASMR

ASMR is an acronym for Auto Sensory Meridian Response. ASMR is an automatic tingling sensation that typically travels along the scalp and down the spine. It is often prompted by soothing noises and sounds. It is a pleasant sensory experience.

Have fun with the Jelly: Slimes App
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In the game, ASMR comes from the touch or the feeling of touching the slime. There is an ASMR section that offers a great choice of triggers. There are satisfying sounds that affect as you slice through an object in the app.

This is my favorite feature as not only do I get the relaxing feel of the slime, I also get these tingling sensations which can help me cope with anxiety.

In the app, ASMR simulated features help keep users like me relaxed, worry-free, and excited while playing the games and participating in the activities of the app.

How to Use the Jelly: Slimes App

The app has different sections that offer different benefits and features. It has the Slime section, the ASMR section, Nature, Slicing, and the Photo section where you carry out photo edits.

The home screen page has a very simple UI design that lets me quickly select which section of the app I want to explore first.

The Nature Section

Have you ever thought about why going to the beach or seeing the wilderness or the zoo is fun? It gives this natural feeling that makes you calm, relaxed, and gives a soothing effect as well.

Have fun with the Jelly: Slimes App
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The Nature section provides these relaxing nature sounds to put you at ease and to ward off the stress of the long week. Think of it as your own Hawaii on your smartphone when you close your eyes.

These sounds are not only a great anti-stress reliever, but they are also effective as a sleep aid.

Choose from various options like birds tweeting, ocean sounds, cat purring, crackling fire, or rain, among others.

The ASMR Section

This section has several perks. The first thing you would notice when this section is opened is the three icons with different functionalities at the top, and different items you can select at the bottom. The first top functionality is the media icon that allows you to share your slimes with friends.

Following that icon is the Autoplay icon which plays the sounds without you having to drag your finger across the screen. Enjoy this function with headphones and stillness for deep relaxation. The third icon is for full-screen mode.

The icons on the bottom display the different options for ASMR sounds, ranging from crumpling paper to sloshing water and bristling a wire brush. The paper option is readily available while all the other options require watching a short ad to unlock.

The Slimes Section

The Slimes section presents tons of fun. On entering the page, you see the default slime which is an acrylic paint color of multiple colors. Similar to the other section, you can change this slime to numerous others.

Have fun with the Jelly: Slimes App
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You can add elements to give a better experience from the “Star” icon above, and you can create your own slime with the click of the “+” button at the lower left side of the screen.

Record Your Slimes

Have you created that perfect slime and want to share it with your friends? Or do you feel that a type of available slime gives the best feeling?

You can record playing with slimes and share it with your slime buds so they also enjoy that great feeling.

The Courses Section

Another great benefit of the app is the number of options in this section. The Courses section is classified into three subsections: the "calm your mind section," the "relieve stress section," and the “improve your sleep section”.

Have fun with the Jelly: Slimes App
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Each of these sections is for you to explore and contain the steps for each course and the average time it would take are listed for you to have a preview of what you may expect.

All these courses’ sections are part of the Premium subscription, which means you would have to upgrade to a free account to access them.

The Slicing Section

The sound effects in the Slicing section sound so real! There are lots of things to slice and relieve your stress. From the wobbly jelly to crunchy cake and soft cakes, you can spend a whole day slicing.

That's not all: from the knife icon, you can choose different tools to cut and slice. If a kitchen knife doesn't cut it, try out a bread knife.

A Range of Slimes

You can choose the types of slime to play with from the huge selection of slimes, and have fun with them. From the craziest colors to the richness of goo, you have a wide variety to choose from and explore.

Have fun with the Jelly: Slimes App
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There are also constant additions of new slimes that simulate dangerous liquids like oils, poisons, and acids. The app gives you the avenue to play with them safely.

Making Your Own DIY Slimes

Even though making slimes from scratch is not always easy, there is that fun you derive from making that gooey texture.

Delve into that creative mind of yours and create your slime. Want it to be extra gooey, slimier, or shiny? The floor is open to craft your perfect DIY slime safely through the app in an exciting way by adding different decorations of your choice.

App Cost and Subscriptions

Jelly: Slimes & ASMR is a free app to use, although it also offers a Premium plan and contains in-app purchases as well. The in-app purchases range between $3.99 - $9.99 per item.

Have fun with the Jelly: Slimes App
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The subscription on the other hand is a weekly plan at $9.99 with a 3-day trial period.

Be wary to make up your mind before the trial expires, otherwise, you will be auto-charged afterward.

Check out the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of the app for further details.

How to Manage Your Subscriptions

For either the free trial period or the weekly subscription, auto-renewal is activated upon completing the request.

If you don't want to be billed when you haven't fully committed it is important to manage your subscription on time and opting out before the period runs out.

To turn off auto-renewal, go to the Setting page and then click on Subscriptions where you can turn on or turn off auto-renewal.


The Jelly: Slimes app helps those who want to enjoy wholesome entertainment and who want to kick back and relax. It provides lots of features alongside the ability to squeeze, slice, stretch, wobble, and poke slimes for enjoyment. It creates an avenue that eliminates pressure, worry, and stress.

This blog post was aimed at getting into enough details about the app to make you see not only how fun it can be, but the awesome benefits you can achieve as well.