Wish - Buy Anything On This App

I always believed that whenever I wanted to buy something online, it has to be from a large-scale shopping website or an application. That was until I came across this stellar app known as Wish.

I won’t lie; the adjustment was a little difficult. Considering my lack of knowledge regarding Wish, I had to do a little research before buying anything from the app, but it did seem worthwhile to me!

The merchandise on Wish didn’t seem too legit at first with the prices offered, but would you believe me if I said it is real? Let’s dig in and learn more about Wish!

  • What Is Wish?
  • How To Download The Wish App
  • Personalized Shopping Experience
  • Engaging Customers Of All Age
  • Promotions And Deals
  • How To Use Wish
Wish - Buy Anything On This App
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What Is Wish?

With prices that are at their rock bottom and a variety of items to choose from, I was skeptical about the legitimacy of this website. However, I found out that Wish is a startup from 2010 by a former Google engineer, Peter Szulczewski. This application works as an online dollar store and helps you buy things from Chinese merchants.

Wish - Buy Anything On This App
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According to Forbes, Wish has a value of $8.7 billion and has made around $1.9 billion from its sales in 2018. Considering just how low the prices are, it does seem to me that many users have been trying their luck out on this app!

Not only that, but sometimes the products on Wish are free! So for these free products, I only had to pay for the delivery charges. Sounds very reasonable to me!

In 2018, Wish was the most downloaded application globally and has now taken its place as the third-largest e-commerce marketplace in the United States. It has around 90 million users who buy from the app at least once a month.

How Are The Prices So Low At Wish?

I scrolled through an average of seven hundred products on this application and found items so cheap that my eyes couldn’t believe it. For example, the sweaters on Wish would be roughly around $2 each plus the $2 shipping, and Android smartphones could be bought for as low as $27!

I figured out that the prices were low because the application can connect buyers directly to these merchants, and with there being no middle man, the prices are lower than they would be otherwise. In addition, there are no markup prices, so it’s easier to find a reasonable price for the product you want!

Also, the shipping is so cheap it also makes a difference. That is because the agreement between China Post and the U.S Postal Services allows packages weighing 4.4 pounds or less to be shipped at very low rates. So getting a package from Beijing to New York is less expensive than from South Carolina to New York!

How To Download The Wish App

This app is available for both iPhone and Android devices. To download it on your iPhone, you can search Wish on the App Store search bar and wait for the application to show up before installing it. For an Android phone, you can search the application on the Google Play Store and then install it from there.

Wish - Buy Anything On This App
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I found it very convenient that Wish is not only available for your phones, but you can also explore the variety of affordable products it has to offer through its website.

Features Of The Application

Wish is the first high-growth online marketplace that allows buyers to purchase products directly from third-party sellers. Ever since it came to existence, the application has become quite popular worldwide, all thanks to its features and the benefits offered.

I looked up the benefits and features of this application and found out that the developers have tried their best to make this experience worthwhile for the users. Let me now go into greater depth regarding these features.

Personalized Shopping Experience

When I downloaded the application and began scrolling through the items, I realized after the second or third use that the application suggested items to me based on the things I have been searching for and items I have been clicking on.

Wish - Buy Anything On This App
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This was quite interesting to see because this way, the entire shopping experience becomes very personalized. Not only that, but it makes scrolling through the application more engaging as well!

I could swear that I spent at least an hour going through the range of products offered with new recommendations based on my preference. This also makes it very simple for sellers to target their audience.

Smooth Mobile Interface

The application is very big on accessibility and promotes simplistic mobile functionality. This has also been the reason behind the initiative’s success because we all carry out mobile phones constantly, and it’s relatively easier to keep ourselves busy while window shopping on our phones.

Wish targets the exact same strategy and offers a smooth interface, with an infinite product feed that is similar to Instagram and the games provided by Facebook. I also noticed that Wish was ranking #1 or #2 on Google Play Store and App Store, respectively, because of how famous it is!

There is no denying that a lot of users out there rely on this application. Wish even claims that over 2 million purchases are made every day through the application, and I don’t doubt it.

Engaging Customers Of All Age

The application claims that it has about 300 million customers from over 120 different countries worldwide. Wish has been more popular amongst the millennials and Gen Z, contributing to about 60% of its customer base, and the application targets them very well.

Wish - Buy Anything On This App
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The products are based upon their liking and preferences! However, it is not only the Gen Z and Millennials who could find this application useful. The intuitive shopping feed in this application makes it simple and easy for every customer out there, regardless of their age.

Wide Range Of Products

Another thing that I found interesting about Wish was the customized homepage of the application. The homepage is designed so that it is easy for every customer to explore and navigate without feeling like there’s a lot on the homepage to look at – there’s no clutter.

The application’s homepage also allows you to find products in your own niche with categories such as beauty, fashion, electronics, gadgets, and so much more categories.

Wish focuses mainly on budget items, so even the most bizarre items are affordable for users, and you can be assured that Wish will have all of them.

Promotions And Deals

While the products themselves are very cheap, I was surprised to find out that the application even offers more discounts and has promo deals to encourage sales!

Wish - Buy Anything On This App
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In terms of promotions, I have seen many campaigns on Facebook's marketplace to drive traffic and bring awareness amongst people regarding the app. The application features many gamification elements, and one of them is the Blitz Buy Wheel.

These elements help to pique the interest of every customer and make them convert to the application as they keep winning by spinning the wheel. There are also many secret discounts that encourage customers to keep adding more to their carts to win more.

Reviews By Customers

Who doesn’t get convinced after seeing good reviews about a place you’ve wanted to buy from? I sure did. Wish claims that the application receives over 500,000 reviews every day for its products, which should be enough to guarantee their legitimacy.

Even more interesting is the fact that even eBay and Amazon don’t get that many reviews every day! These reviews are critical and help people gain more trust and overcome their fear of buying from an application that provides such cheap items.

How To Use Wish

Using the application was a very simple thing to do for me. When I opened the application, I had to create an account before exploring the products on offer, and I did just that.

Wish - Buy Anything On This App
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While signing up, I could also see the deals on the same page, and there were previews of some deals that I could avail myself of if I signed up. As soon as my account was created, I got a discount code for new users, and it was up to 10% off!

Right after that, the application told me that if I logged in every day, I could also avail myself of 50% off after collecting stamps for seven days straight. The number of discounts offered was surely overwhelming! At such cheap product prices, I could honestly get a lot for nothing.

You could see the range of products offered by the application right after opening, and you can scroll through them to find anything that piques your interest. If you look at a product, there may be a pop-up telling you that if you put this item in your cart now, you could avail a lower price too!

Blitz Buy Wheel

Blitz Buy Wheel is another tab on the page through which you can spin a wheel and see several items that have extra discounts on them.

Once you land on a number, you will find products based on that number and will have around 10 minutes to choose from these products.

Wish - Buy Anything On This App
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In conclusion, there have been many reviews to support Wish and the product this application has. I haven’t purchased anything from the application yet, but I may soon try it out! If it doesn’t show up with products so cheap, at least you wouldn’t face a huge loss.