An Over-Salted Sauce Can Be Fixed. Here Is How

Over-salted sauce is a chef's nightmare. But do not rush to pour it down the toilet. We will share tips to help you save an over-salted dish. Read along with me.

How to save an over-salted sauce?

  • If you add too much salt to French creamy or butter sauce, thin it with cream or add a little brown sugar.
  • Brown sugar can also help neutralize the salt in tomato sauces. Due to its sweetness, it will create a flavor contrast.
  • A lighter sauce, such as a herbal sauce, squeezes a little lemon; its acidity will balance the salinity.

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An Over-Salted Sauce Can Be Fixed. Here Is How
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The same goes for the consistency of the sauce. If the sauce has been boiled down too much, dilute it with unsalted broth. Although a little risky, adding wine is another option; if the alcohol does not completely evaporate, the sauce will turn bitter. If you decide to add wine, then be prepared to simmer the sauce for a while until the alcohol evaporates.

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