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5 Timeless Financial Tips from Greek and Roman Philosophers

Wise sayings that are relevant to this day.

Epictetus, "Enkhiridion"

Of existence, some things are in our power, others are not in ours. In ours - assumption, impulse, striving, deviation and, in a word, whatever our other deeds are; not in ours - our body, property, fame, leadership and, in a word, whatever our deeds are not yet ours.


We control our desires, thoughts, and actions. Everything else is out of control, although we often try to influence external events.

When you are overwhelmed by emotions or desires, remember: you can give in to them or not. It always depends only on you. You decide whether to give in to the momentary impulse.

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How to apply the advice in life

Remember this in the store when you want to buy something unnecessary. Or when you are too lazy to cook, and you are thinking of ordering food at home. Don't forget that your choice will affect your finances. Each such solution has a price.

Sophocles, "Antigone"

There is nothing in the world as morally corrupting as money.


Money is a tool of exchange. When they are not enough to achieve a goal or get what you want, it is disheartening. Moreover, many find themselves in a situation where there is not enough money to achieve a dream and make ends meet. It isn't easy to save in such a situation.

How to apply the advice in life

Develop basic financial principles for yourself and stick to them. For example, spend less than you get and track all expenses. The more you control your daily activities and spending, the more likely you will achieve a big goal. When you clearly understand why you are saving, it will not be so hard to limit yourself.

Marcus Aurelius, "To himself."

Learn the basic principles of wise people, what they chase and avoid.

Marcus Aurelius

When in doubt about which decision to make, trust your moral principles. First, think about what is important to you and what you value above all else. These values ​​will guide you in any situation. They will help you move towards the life you aspire to.

How to apply the advice in life

If you can't come up with your own rules right away, learn wise people's principles. Learn the values ​​of those you respect. Consider them. Perhaps they suit you too.

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Plato, "The State"

Dealers are a boring company, because they have no yardsticks other than monetary value.


It is unpleasant to communicate with people who give up their beliefs and relationships to make money. Think of dubious sellers trying to force a purchase or persistent friends who offer to invest in their business. Don't be that person.

How to apply the advice in life

Be clear about your obligations, and don't break them. Remember, you only need money to live up to your principles. Don't let your love of money affect your moral values.

Epicurus, "Letters"

One who is not content with little can not be satisfied with anything.


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We want to keep up with fashion and buy the newest things, but this is a dangerous path. Unfortunately, modern culture only encourages this tendency. Consumers are constantly offered more and more new and better products.

How to apply the advice in life

It's okay if you are unhappy with some aspects of your life. It helps to develop. But if this dissatisfaction flows into the need to have more new things, you will never experience peace and satisfaction. Learn to control yourself.

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