10 Annoying Phrases That Should Never Be Said to Colleagues

Never say this at work unless you want to provoke someone's righteous anger inadvertently. Read on to find out more.

1. The deadline was yesterday!

What a twist! Agree, no one should work at night or overtime due to a colleague's forgetfulness or inability to plan deadlines. When working in conjunction with another person, it is important to think not only about yourself and your partner-colleague. He likely has other tasks pending. But because of someone's carelessness, he will now have to leave them and then finish them at the last moment.

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2. I will try, but I promise nothing

At work, everyone has certain responsibilities that it is advisable to perform on time. Most likely, these are regularly recurring tasks that are known in advance. And the employee either does them or not.

Imagine this situation: at the interview, the candidate asks the future manager about the expected salary amount. And this is what he replies to him; “Pay you forty thousand every month? I'll try, but I can't make any guarantees." What kind of stability and confidence in the future can we talk about?

3. I did not touch anything; it broke by itself!

“It broke itself” is the worst way to admit guilt for anything. As practice shows, something breaks itself in sporadic cases. More often than not, someone is still helping the breakdown occur. It is extremely absurd to make excuses and refer to unknown destructive forces in such a situation.

If you're really at fault, it's best to be honest and apologies. You can, for example, say so: “Yes, guys, I broke it. Sorry, I'll fix everything now. " It is advisable to do it yourself and immediately, and not sit in a corner until the last, hoping that no one will notice.

4. Didn't expect to be entrusted with it!

A colleague shared his small achievement and clearly expected to receive a little praise in return, rather than a pejorative tirade. It would be much more appropriate to rejoice at the employee's success without finding a catch in the situation. You could say, "Congratulations!" or "Wow, great!" or keep silent if it's really offensive.

5. I heard you

The meaning conveyed by the words “I heard you” is extremely contradictory. There is nothing particularly bad about it - the interlocutor understood what he was told and even answered. But the initiator of the conversation clearly expected to get a more lively reaction, not just indifferent confirmation that his opponent has no hearing problems. One gets the feeling that the interlocutor wants to get rid of the conversation as soon as possible.

10 Annoying Phrases That Should Never Be Said to Colleagues
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6. I don't get paid for this!

A great phrase to dodge the unpleasant or unnecessary additional burden that some people, for some reason, all the time want to puzzle others. It also reveals a great deal about the person who pronounces it.

Most often, this turns out to be a certain petty character who demonstratively proves to the whole world that he does not sit his pants at work in vain. And he is not distracted by any nonsense that does not concern his direct duties. And in general, he appreciates his precious time, not like compassionate colleagues who help everyone around for free.

7. Send a brief; we'll brainstorm

Oh, those linguistic mutants. Sometimes, you can't do without borrowing, but when working communication turns into simultaneous translation, this is a reason to think. Or use a dictionary.

8. I did everything I could! I do not like it? Find someone who does better

There are no irreplaceable employees. Maybe in some companies, it will be possible to crank such a trick painlessly, but the chance is small. Management will most likely heed a shortsighted employee's advice and will find someone better for his position.

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9. I told you! I knew it! I told you!

No matter how great the temptation is to say this sacramental phrase out loud, hold on. A person who complains about difficulties or failures does not does want to hear an unwarranted triumph in response. If you think about it, being right about things going to be bad is an extremely dubious pleasure.

10. Calm down! Relax! Do not mind it!

For a person in an unpleasant situation, this phrase and its derivatives are like a red rag for a bull. One hundred percent rage is assured.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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