Ways How to Be Social at Work

At work, we spend many hours. Generally, in most jobs, we are surrounded by colleagues and people with whom we have to dialogue and interact, which can be a challenge for those shy, introverted, and difficult people socialize.
But there are ways to improve sociability at work: participating in groups, generating conversations, being more proactive in decisions with colleagues, etc. The results are impressively good. If you want to have some guidelines to be more sociable at work, keep reading.
Steps to follow:

Step One

To start being more sociable at work, you should know that it is not bad to be shy, only that it will cost you more than the rest of the team to interact and participate in collective projects. First, you must convince yourself that you are good, and second, you must do your part and not be left behind.

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But when the possibility of participating in a team project arises, you must propose even if it costs you. In the beginning, you will take a secondary role in the group, but little by little, you will gain more confidence, and you will feel more comfortable yourself.

Step Two

In work relationships, opportunities often arise for coffee or lunch with colleagues. Do not stay behind. It is much easier than you think to be part of a group, so if a partner suggests you eat with him, do not say no because of shyness. The next step must be taken by yourself: propose to have a coffee or a soft drink when leaving work, you will see how your colleagues take it as a step forward.

How to be social at work
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Step Three

Communication is a key step to being more sociable at work. If our colleagues see us as an aggressive, imposing person with whom it is impossible to dialogue, they surely do not want to be close to us in daily projects or achievements.

Therefore, you must do your part and try to change that way of addressing your colleagues: speak in a soft, calmer tone, do not get upset, do not use expressions such as You are not right, you are not. Be more flexible and try to be more polite and assertive. You will see how your colleagues notice the change.

Step Four

Of course, to be more sociable at work, we must make a special mention of non-verbal communication: maintain a comfortable posture and accessibility towards your colleagues. How can you get it? Do not cross your arms when you are talking to them. Try to smile more, to look into their eyes, etc. Non-verbal communication is crucial for our interlocutors to consider us more dialogue and therefore want to do more things.

Step Five

Another fundamental axis to be more sociable at work is to stop being invisible, that is, do not be afraid to express your opinion at work. Whether you're mistaken or not, teams always value people who have opinions, are proactive, and have ideas and defend them. Don't be afraid to express yourself. It is a crucial step, and you will immediately see its fruits.

Step Six

One of the toughest but most effective ways to become more outgoing at work is to cross the border of shyness, and that can also be achieved with challenges like public speaking. If you have the opportunity to make presentations in public, do not miss it.

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Obviously, it will cost you, but you will achieve many achievements if you face this adventure as a personal challenge that you can overcome. Facing a capacity to present a project, a budget, or an idea is one of the most important steps in overcoming shyness. And you, you can get it.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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