Tips on How to Refer a Friend for a Job

Advising your boss to hire a friend of yours may be out of place, especially if your superior knows about your friendship relationship.

But you can try to make him see that he does not lose anything by interviewing him because he is most likely the most suitable person for that job position. How to recommend a friend for a job? We tell you how.

Steps to follow:

Step One

The first thing to do before suggesting to your boss that you give your friend a chance is to be aware of your colleague's training and work experience. Ensure that the tasks you are going to entrust in your company have already been carried out in previous jobs.

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Step Two

Think about whether the friend you are recommending for the position is a professionally responsible person. For example, if he goes to work on time or, it is common for him to be late for work, if he usually gives bad answers to the bosses or if he can leave you in a bad place saying in the interview that he is not really interested in the job.

Keep these points in mind when talking to your superior because the one who could look bad is you, not your friend.

Reffering a friend for work
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Step Three

In no way do you agree to participate in the hiring process because the rest of your colleagues may think that you have influenced your superiors to hire someone you trust.

Step Four

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Present it to the boss as a professional recommendation and list your friend's advantages as a professional. To do this, it is necessary to distance yourself from the sentimental side.

Step Five

You can write him a letter of recommendation. If you have worked together before on other projects, you will know how it is handled. In this letter, you can explain in more detail what kind of tasks and functions he performed and whether or not he achieved all the proposed objectives.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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