Watch Soccer on Mobile with No Subscription - Learn How

According to current surveys, soccer is the third-most watched team sport in America.  Are you one of the many enthusiastic soccer fans that just don’t get the time anymore to sit in front of a TV screen watching your favorite soccer games?

Then join thousands of Americans who are watching their favorite soccer games and events on their mobile devices wherever they are. Several apps and services are providing soccer-watching possibilities for mobile devices. But each service has advantages and disadvantages and you will have to shop around to find exactly what you need.

Before you subscribe to a service, always keep in mind that there are several services available for your mobile devices where no subscription is needed. It is possible to watch your soccer games without paying anything. We’ll assist you to find such a service. For your convenience, we’ve looked at various no-subscription options, summarized what we’ve found, and gladly share it with you.

Watch Soccer on Mobile with No Subscription - Learn How

Legal Aspect to Remember

Before we list the service providers, we have to bring an aspect regarding free streaming to your attention. Many folks looking for free viewing ignore the crucial fact that it is illegal to share streaming via peer-to-peer streaming services. Don’t follow the illegal road to free viewing.

All you have to do to stream your soccer games free of charge and simultaneously stay within the law is to find a no-subscription service that legally has the rights to stream the soccer games. And then connect.

Services with No Subscription

All the services we list here are providing free streaming on your mobile devices. They all stream soccer games and events, but we’ve found that not all the free services stream all the soccer games you want to watch. So, ensure that the service or app you choose covers your favorite games and tournaments.


With Laola1.TV you can stream soccer matches for free from all over the world. The basic streaming content is free. A subscription is only required if you want additional options. It is available everywhere for Android and iOS mobile devices.

Live Soccer TV

Live Soccer TV  allows you to stream live matches on your mobile devices. There is no subscription and you even do not need to sign up either. All you have to do is to visit the website, choose your match, and watch it.  It provides a clean user interface enabling you to easily find your way around the app. It is available for Android and iOS mobile devices.


The well-known company ESPN  provides a wide range of high-quality soccer streams free of charge. You can use any of your mobile devices or a PC to access it online. It is available for Android and iOS mobile devices.

Sony Liv

Sony Liv is a soccer streaming site developed by Sony. It is considered one of the best, offering a wide range of high-quality streaming content, including soccer. It’s designed for both mobile platforms and the internet.  Soccer games and tournaments are streamed for free and it also displays upcoming games, hosts talk shows, and shows the live scoreboard free of charge.

Mama HD

Although Mama HD’s service is sometimes unreliable, it is a free sports streaming website worth considering. It offers a large selection of streams to choose from, including soccer games and tournaments.  When the streams are working they are of high quality. It claims to be very mobile-friendly and that you can stream on any of your mobile devices.

Watch Soccer on Mobile with No Subscription - Learn How


It is not necessary to use cable or to stay home to watch your favorite soccer games and tournaments. There are multiple options available offering free game watching on your smartphone and other mobile devices.

We hope that our information on some of these available options makes your choice easier. A last word of warning – before downloading an app for free viewing, make sure there are no hidden costs. Enjoy watching your soccer games!