Triple A App - Learn How to Download

Do you often find yourself in search of a good design app that lets you play around with different art styles? Have you ever encountered a complex visual design app on mobile lately? My guess is that you've never experienced the way I've experienced when I first used the Triple A App.

Triple A is a mobile app featuring tons of elements and art styles that will help you come up with the most complicated and interesting designs. Once you're done with the art, you can add music and let it play as you are mesmerized by the art that you've just created.

Interested in learning more about the Triple A app? Check out the app's features, how to download it, what its main features are, how to use it to create the best visual art, and more with my guide below.

  • Create a Tantalizing Visual Art Right on Your Mobile Device
  • A Fun and Relaxing App for Everyone
  • How to Use the Triple A App
  • A Particle Explosion Right on Your Mobile Phone
  • What I Like About Using the Triple A App
Triple A App - Learn How to Download
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Create a Tantalizing Visual Art Right on Your Mobile Device

Triple A is a mobile art app that features very complex interactive visual art that is meant for designers and art enthusiasts.

From the way I see it, those who are fond of making abstract art will truly like what this app brings to the table.

It features three art modes where I can tackle different art forms. All of the effects have been tested by millions of people who have downloaded and utilized the app.

Users can create fireworks, tornados, nuclear art, black holes, and much more. Whether you're an art enthusiast or you just want to play using an app that lets your creativity flow, I highly suggest that you try to download and use this app.

How to Download

Before I tell you more about the Triple A app, it is best that you also follow through with what I have to say and use the app while reading this guide.

Search for the app's name in Google Play Store or Apple App Store to download it. Tap Install to begin the download and wait until it is fully installed.

Once done, tap Open to launch the app. This way, you can check out all the amazing features on the app and help you understand what Triple A is all about by experiencing it yourself.

A Fun and Relaxing App for Everyone

I thought at first that the Triple A app was exclusive to art fanatics and graphics artists. The app heavily features complex abstract art forms that many new users might find to be too difficult to use in a normal setting.

Triple A App - Learn How to Download
Image Source: Malavida

It was then after I downloaded the app that I realized that the app is meant to be a fun and relaxing app that can be used by anyone. I've tried the app in many different scenarios.

I've used it to create effects for my content and at times, I just simply launch the app and create art to help me relax. Imagine using the Triple A app as your coloring book where you can create art, have fun, and even relax.

Enjoy Three Different Art Modes

Users can also enjoy three different kinds of art modes that let you create some of the best designs that I've ever seen. These art modes are Wave, Gravity, and Particle art mode. Wave art mode features different types of waves that you can use for your design.

Meanwhile, Gravity art mode is where you get to use a little bit of imagination to see how your art would look like with or without gravity. Particle art mode lets you create specific designs depending on the particle you've chosen.

All in all, there are five different options to choose from in each art mode which is a total of 15 effects. There are still so many effects to unlock and choose from including flowers, vortex, leaves, rainbows, butterflies, and more.

How to Use the Triple A App

Using the app is quite easy. You don't need to read any manual or instructions just to get started on the app.

Triple A App - Learn How to Download
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First, you will need to choose between three different art modes that I have already explained above. Once you have chosen your art mode, select the number of particles that you want to use then choose the size and length of the particles.

Create the art that you want and then select music to go with the art. Use Color Inversion if you want to add more layers to your design. There are also many other techniques that you can use such as Linear art, Flasia, Lightning art, and Atomus.

All of these are available for free on the app. Once you're done, save your design or tap auto-play.

Choose Your Music Alongside Your Design

Apart from the wide variety of art and designs that I can use to create the visuals that I want, there are also different kinds of music choices to choose from.

I always want to have background music when I present my design and the app has a total of five pieces of music from Aden Ray which can be used for free. I can easily add more pizazz to the art that I've created by having background music.

It can be turned on or off anytime you want but I still suggest that you leave the music on as you play the art on your device. The music adds to the overall beauty of the design.

A Particle Explosion Right on Your Mobile Phone

You might think that the Triple A app is done with giving you all that you need to create the visual art that you've always dreamed of. They are not yet done.

Triple A App - Learn How to Download
Image Source: Malavida

There are still so many designs and particles waiting to be unlocked and used. With more than 15 effects in total, you can choose from Laser, Fish, Blue Sky, Surfing, Comet, Dark Meter, Tsunami, and many others to highlight your creativity.

The app features 15,000 particles that explode on your mobile phone screen once you turn it on. However, this is only possible once you've chosen a specific particle length, number, and size.

Experience creating art and unlock as many as 15,000 particles on your screen today!

See All of Your Creation in 60 FPS

Now here's the thing with art and design, you simply cannot appreciate it if you don't have the right resolution that displays all of your creativity. What I like about the Triple A app is that it features the fastest speed with 60 frames per second.

This allows you to see every particle that you've used without any frame drop. This alone has truly made me appreciate the work that was done to bring this app to life.

Imagine looking at your favorite movie's special effects and you have it right on your mobile phone. The 60 FPS frame rate makes your art more fluid and life-like.

What I Like About Using the Triple A App

Many people might think that the app is exclusive to art enthusiasts. Though perhaps not for everyone, there are a lot of things to like about the Triple A app.

Triple A App - Learn How to Download
Image Source: APK Pure

The first thing that I immediately liked about the app is the simple interface which makes creating art and designs much easier. With only a few taps on the screen, I get to work on making designs.

Editing is also very easy when all the tools that I need are right in front of me on the screen. I don't have to tap many options just to remove certain effects or edit some areas on the screen.

Lastly, the best part about using Triple A is the plethora of designs and particles that I can use to create different art. All of these features are what we're here for.

Follow Their Social Media Pages for More Updates

The Triple A App still has more tricks up its sleeve. Updates are coming and more features are waiting to be added to the app.

The best way to receive updates for the app if you're a fan is to follow their social media pages both on Facebook and Twitter. You'll have updates on the next feature to be added to the app.

You may also message them on these pages if you want more information, want to report a bug, or simply provide them with ideas or features that you would like to include in the future.


Creating art on our phone is now possible with the Triple A App. Designed and developed by SungLab, Triple A offers an interactive yet highly complex visual art form that no other mobile app can do. Download the art app today and check out how awesome the app is.