Tips for Traveling by Motorcycle in Summer

Summer is synonymous with heat, but also with getaways, travel, and entertainment. For many bikers, summer vacations are the perfect opportunity to go on a long-haul trip. Still, we must not forget the conditions involved in traveling by motorcycle at this time: extreme heat and a loaded bike.

If you have a motorcycle license and think of organizing a trip this vacation, you should consider the following tips for traveling by motorcycle in summer. With the tips and tricks that we give you in this article, you will enjoy the motorcycle trip while always keeping your safety behind the wheel.

Equipment for traveling by motorcycle in summer

If you are thinking of taking a motorcycle trip this summer, it is essential to take into account the equipment that you must bring. Whatever your destination, it is crucial that the chosen clothing protects you and is safe for you. Therefore, a ventilated jacket and a helmet with front ventilation openings are your best friends no matter the temperatures, as well as motorcycle gloves for summer.


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However, regardless of how warm it is, forget about wearing flip flops, for your feet use motorcycle boots with refrigeration, which will isolate you from the heat while protecting you. Lastly, avoid shorts, skinny pants, or skirts. It is best to go for a suit or motorcycle jumpsuit with ventilation, allowing air to flow inside, or for jeans with protection. Remember that the kit is essential to maintain your safety.

Tips for traveling by motorcycle in summer - Equipment for traveling by motorcycle in summer
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Motorcycle Review

Before starting your summer motorcycle trip, it must undergo a review. The set-up of the motorcycle is essential to minimize risks on the road. With high temperatures, the bike will consume more oil, so if you travel many kilometers, we advise you to change the filters and oils.

You will also need to check the coolant and the tires. As for the chain, it must be clean, greased, and tensioned. With the motorcycle well prepared, you will only have to pay attention to the road, let yourself go, and enjoy your holidays.

Motorcycle Route

Preparing the summer trip by motorcycle is essential. You must plan the route, as well as the stops in areas to rest on the road. It is crucial that you take that time and do not do many kilometers in a row to be fresher and more attentive to the road. Choose well the hours in which you will drive, avoiding doing it in the hours of maximum heat or dense traffic.

Papers and Documentation

Another fundamental point before embarking on your motorcycle trip this summer is to check that the motorcycle papers and your documentation are in order. Regarding personal documentation, remember to bring your valid ID and passport, a visa if necessary, or a credit card if you travel abroad.

Regarding the motorcycle papers, it will be essential to have the technical data sheet, the insurance, the circulation permit, the green card, and the valid ITV up to date.

Tips for traveling by motorcycle in summer - Papers and documentation
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Practical Tips for Traveling by Motorcycle

You are ready to start your motorcycle route this summer. However, you must take into account practical tips to enjoy your vacation.

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  • Take little luggage and practical to avoid overloading the motorcycle.
  • Hydrate often with water or sports drinks to combat the high temperatures.
  • Eat light meals to avoid heavy digestion at the wheel, or wait until you have finished your digestion to start driving again.
  • Protect yourself from sunburn and possible incidents on the road with good equipment.
  • Look for the best accessories to make the route more bearable: navigator, dark screens on the helmet, or tank bag for essential items, among others.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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