How to Drive a Snowmobile

With snow, the ideal is not to use the motorcycle at all, but if we inevitably have to take it, we must exercise extreme caution since the grip of the wheels will be zero, and we will have to circulate at a low speed.
In this article, we will offer you a series of tips on how to drive a motorcycle with snow.

Tips on How to Drive a Snowmobile

When driving a motorcycle through the snow, you must act with much more caution than usual, since the wheels of the bike are not adapted to circulate in this environment, and the tires will not heat up, which means that the grip will be zero. Hence the need to go at a low speed.

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Be very attentive to the surface to avoid the ice sheets. If, despite everything, you find yourself on top of one, let the bike go since any maneuver you try to do will be detrimental because it will increase your speed of movement without control.

In addition to the road, pay special attention to street lamps, traffic lights, trees, or traffic signs, in which snow can accumulate and then fall to the ground.

driving a snowball
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Increase the contact footprint when riding the bike with snow to reduce the tire pressure. Moreover, there are motorcycle chains, although you can only use them if sure that the entirety of your route is going to be done on a snowy surface.

If you have to brake, never do it abruptly. An excellent technique to brake the motorcycle on snow is to cut the gas and lightly touch the rear brake and then brake progressively with the front. The higher the gears, the better, if you can start in second gear, the better.

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To take the curves with the snowmobile, forget about lying down, and we will try to make the route as vertical as possible. In this way, we will reduce the risk of skidding.

More Tips
  • If you can avoid it, leave the motorcycle at home when it has snowed and opt for public transport.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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