Never Put These Things In The Dishwasher

The wrong approach to dishwashing is harmful to your health, pots, and dishwasher. Here are more things you should never put in the dishwasher.

1. Knives

Hot water dulls the knives. Also, the flow of liquid under pressure can send them on a fascinating journey through the innards of the dishwasher, and the blades will ruin nearby objects or the unit itself. So if the device does not have a special compartment for knives, you will have to wash them by hand.

2. Aluminum cookware

In a dishwasher, everything works against aluminum dishes. Long exposure to hot water and detergent will oxidize the metal. The dishwasher usually uses alkaline liquids and tablets to dissolve food leftovers effectively. They also do a great job with the top layer of dishes. So it is better to wash aluminum pots and pans by hand so as not to turn them into disposable ones.

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3. Cast iron cookware

Cast iron is not aluminum. This is a solid material, if not for centuries, then for years. Cookware made of this metal acquires its properties due to hardening during production and forming a protective fat layer during cooking. In the dishwasher, the cast iron loses its coating. And although the frying pan will look the same, it will be possible to use it after that only for self-defense purposes.

4. Wooden dishes

Due to the water's high temperature, you risk putting a whole wooden board or bowl in the dishwasher and getting out the cracked one. If the machine has a delicate mode, you can use it to avoid an unfortunate outcome. But the easiest way is to rinse wood products with your hands.

5. Thermoses

The hot water in the dishwasher easily damage the insulating materials and turn the Thermo mug into a simple mug. However, if you are still unwilling to wash the dishes with your hands, look for products from this category that have a mark that allows you to use the dishwasher.

Never Put These Things In The Dishwasher
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6. Intricate dishes

You can, of course, put a meat grinder or garlic press in the dishwasher and hope for a miracle. But, most likely, you will have to wash everything with your hands since the unit cannot remove the stuck food pieces. So putting such items in the dishwasher is not prohibited but pointless.

7. Dishes with labels

The dishwasher hot water will peel off the labels. But the pieces of paper will clog the filters and may damage the device. Subsequent renovations will hurt the budget.

8. Dishes with burnt food residues

Alas, you will have to scrub the burnt food by hand; the dishwasher will not cope with it.

9. Graceful wine glasses

Water is supplied to the dishwasher under pressure, which the glasses may not withstand and crack. By themselves or through collisions with pallet neighbors. So it is worth either washing them with your hands or drinking wine from mugs that will endure indelicate handling.

10. Crystal

Hot water may cause the crystal to tarnish and crack. True, modern salad bowls and glasses are made more suitable for dishwashers. The relevant information must be indicated on the packaging.

11. Silver and copper products

Cookware may become tarnished and stained. And cleaning it will obviously take longer than washing it by hand.

12. Service with gilding

It is better not to put the elegant tea pair, inherited from your great-grandmother, in the dishwasher. Tableware may lose gilding and hand-painted elements.

13. Pottery without glaze

Clay is absorbent. In the dishwasher with detergent, it will absorb water means. The liquid will then evaporate, and the caustic substances will remain.

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14. Cracked or glued dishes

If someone from your family is not ready to part with an old cracked mug, then a guaranteed way to get rid of it is to place it in the dishwasher. The most important thing is to use caution when you start removing the pile of shards from the device.

15. Pet bowls

At 67% Salmonella, pets' bowls persist even after a standard dishwasher cycle. Accordingly, bacteria can settle in the device, from where they go to the plates for people. So forget about dishwashing your pet bowls if you value your health.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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