Life Hack For Checking The Refrigerator- A Coin In a Glass of Ice

Imagine a situation; you are leaving on vacation or for a weekend out of town, no one is home. During this time, there may be power outages. The food in the freezer will become unusable without you even realizing it. Leave the coin in a glass of ice to see if food has spoiled while you are away.

Here's a simple trick to check how well the freezer worked when you were away.

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  • Fill a glass of water and place it in the freezer.
  • When the water freezes, place a coin on the ice.
  • Place the glass back in the freezer.
  • Check it out after you return.
Life Hack For Checking The Refrigerator- A Coin In a Glass of Ice
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If you see that the coin is at the bottom of the glass, then the electricity was turned off. Moreover, for a long time, the ice in the freezer had time to melt completely. If the coin remained in the same place where you left it, the electricity was supplied correctly or turned off for a short period of time. Therefore,

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  • If the ice in the glass completely melted, the same thing happened to your food in the refrigerator. If the glass's coin is at the very bottom, this is a signal; you need to throw everything out of the refrigerator and not risk eating spoiled food.
  • If the coin is on top of a glass or in slightly thawed water, it means that there were no power outages or the light was turned off for a short time. Even if the refrigerator did not work for some time, the thermal insulation system was thought out, so the food was kept fresh.

Use this simple life hack when you need to leave home or check how well your freezer works.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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