Learn How to Record Podcasts Using these Apps

As long as you haven't lived under a rock over the past decade, you will have noticed that many influencers, small businesses, and even large organizations have dipped their toes into the audio world via podcasts.

To start a podcast, you don't require a ton of fancy equipment. In fact, there are actually many apps available that will allow you to record podcasts.

  • Why Start a Podcast?
  • Anchor
  • EarLy
  • Podomatic
  • PodBean
  • Spreaker
  • How to Start a Podcast
  • Popular Types of Podcasts
  • Pros and Cons of Starting a Podcast
  • Tips for Recording a Podcast
Learn How to Record Podcasts Using these Apps
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Why Start a Podcast?

The truth is that if you are motivated by passion about a particular subject like I am or are trying to build a brand/business, audio is a great tool.

Learn How to Record Podcasts Using these Apps
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It is one of the fastest-growing audiences when it comes to content consumption, with millions of listeners worldwide. So why not share your ideas and passions with a large amount of people.

This is partially because audio content is very convenient as you can listen to it while doing any other things.

This allows the listener to multitask while you build an audience for your brand/ company. On top of that, the investment into starting a podcast can be quite minimal.

Now What?

Once you have decided that you are in the market to start a podcast, there are many steps involved.

But perhaps one of the most crucial is to learn how to record podcasts.

You can, of course, use studio equipment, or you can check out the apps that we're going to look at below.


Anchor is the podcast app that Spotify owns. This app allows you to create your podcast hosted online and distribute it on other listening platforms to grow an audience.

Learn How to Record Podcasts Using these Apps
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It does it all from your phone or tablet for absolutely no cost. Even better, there is no trial, and you can host any number of episodes you want.

The app has several features inside that allow you to not only create your cover art for the thumbnail but also to record and edit your podcast.

If you are trying to build a business from this podcast, you can also track metrics from different platforms, which will allow you to curate your content better.

How to Download

With the wide range that you will get via the connection to Spotify, this is a great app to choose to record your podcast.

To download this app, you can go to either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Then the only remaining step is to install the app and start recording your podcast.


Not only is this app a world-class podcast player, but it is also a one-stop-shop for creatives. The app is designed as an all-in-one recording, editing, and publishing platform.

Learn How to Record Podcasts Using these Apps
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Unlike many other of these apps, it is easy to use and allows you to also analyze your traffic.

When using this app, you can create podcasts in multiple different languages without any mic.

It also features a segment-based recording option so that your recording experience is consistent and easy. You can also add show cover images so that your podcast stands out in the crowd.

How to Download

If you think this will work for you, then as long as you are using an Android-operated device, you will be able to download this app.

Unfortunately, iOS users cannot access it, but for everyone else, you can head to the Google Play Store.


When you have anything to say, you want to have access to recording it right away, and so with this podcast recorder, you have that.

Learn How to Record Podcasts Using these Apps
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You can record, publish and share all of your podcasts to your social media via your phone with Podomatic. In addition, the app will help you get your podcasts on different directories.

Then once you have your podcast up and running, you can monitor each episode by the amount of listens, views, follows, likes to analyze the success of each episode.

To make your podcast stand out, the app also helps you attach custom thumbnails to each episode for even more brand clarity.

How to Download

If having a podcast recorder that allows you to store each episode in the cloud without an account sounds like a good idea to you, then you should most definitely look to download this app.

It is available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store and can be easily downloaded from there.


PodBean is another excellent app that you can use to record your podcasts. The app is set up with a professional podcast recording studio that features an easy-to-use interface.

Learn How to Record Podcasts Using these Apps
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This will make it a great option for new podcasters, no matter if you have experience in other programs.

The podcast studio also comes with background music and sound effects, which is helpful when entering your post-production process.

Speaking of that, you will be able to edit, split and merge as well as export your podcast easily as well as post it on all of your social media.

How to Download

PodBean is a great choice for any person looking to start a podcast and even better because it is available on both Android and iOS.

If you've decided you want to go with PodBean, then you will head over to the Google Play Store for Android users and the Apple App Store for iOS users to download the app.


The last app that we think is a really great way to learn how to record your own podcast is Spreaker.

Learn How to Record Podcasts Using these Apps
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Much like the other apps, it gives you the option to record your audio and upload it to multiple podcast platforms. On top of being able to upload pre-recorded audio, you can also live stream, which is a plus.

Inside the podcast recorder, you can edit your audio with a wide range of mic controls and also the ability to auto duck.

This will make the overall editing process easier and also give you a smoother-sounding podcast. Spreaker also gives you real-time metrics so that you can analyze what works.

How to Download

This app is also available on both major mobile device platforms.

Consequently, all you need to do to get this app is go to the corresponding App Store and search out Spreaker Studio.

The app is available on the Google Play Store for Android users and Apple App Store for iOS users.

How to Start a Podcast

So how do you start a podcast? Now that you have the app chosen, you want to start thinking about a couple of different things.

Learn How to Record Podcasts Using these Apps
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Of course the biggest and most important of these things is to choose what you want to talk about. Once you have narrowed down the topic, then you can start thinking about the name.

From there, it's all about how you want to present the knowledge you have. For instance, what podcast style are you going to do, and how will your episodes be laid out?

What type of intro music and outro music are you going to use? Before you start recording, it's crucial to iron out issues like this.

What About the Equipment?

Equipment is essential in a lot of ways; because you are doing a podcast, you want the best audio quality can get.

That being said, the quality of audio and capability to record in most modern cell phones is pretty good, so you can always just start with your phone.

Popular Types of Podcasts

So above, when we were talking about how to start a podcast, we mentioned the style of the podcast is a key piece of the puzzle.

Learn How to Record Podcasts Using these Apps
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There are many different types of podcasts, but when looking to find the most popular format, there are six main options.

Just like with YouTube or any other creative outlet, you can choose to relay your information in multiple ways.

For instance, you could do interviews with people in the field you're discussing. Or you could just go conversational where you and a co-host talk back and forth about the topic of the week.

Are There Other Types?

Other than those two, you can also do educational podcasts or solo casts; these are all viable options.

You can do nonfiction or fiction storytelling; it just depends on your preference and the niche you are creating.

So before pressing the record, sit down and think about what type will work for you.

Pros and Cons of Starting a Podcast

Maybe you weren't thinking about doing a podcast, but someone suggested that you should.

Learn How to Record Podcasts Using these Apps
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If you're anything like me, then you undoubtedly have some questions about the benefits and disadvantages of starting a podcast. The biggest advantage of starting a podcast is that it will expand your reach.

It is also a great way to get more of your content out into the world, building your brand quicker.

Of course, the fact that it isn't one of the larger content platforms is also a great asset, and it will also allow you to cultivate a tribe of folks who have similar interests to yours.

What Are the Cons?

Honestly, there's not anything that is a significant disadvantage when it comes to starting a podcast.

If anything, the most challenging thing is going to be if you have no editing experience.

With no experience, it might be difficult and time-consuming when it comes to the actual editing of the podcast.

Tips for Recording a Podcast

When I'm beginning a new project, I like to hunt through the online resources and figure out any tips or tricks I can use to start with a bang.

Learn How to Record Podcasts Using these Apps
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In fact, I did just that when I began to think about starting a podcast, and I found quite a few great tips.

The one tip that I found everywhere I looked was that you need a designated space to record your podcast.

In this space, you need to set up your equipment so that you are not required to take it to set it up and set it to take it down. But above all else, the one super important thing is that this is a very quiet room.

Test It All Out!

This is also another big tip that I saw everywhere that I looked, and that is to make sure you test everything out.

It is always best if you do a practice run until you have your settings and setup completely dialed in to make sure you are delivering the best quality content to your potential audience.


So if you are considering starting a podcast but don't have all the fancy audio equipment, don't be worried.

There are many great apps out there that will teach you how to record a podcast with just a simple mobile device. I hope this helped, and I look forward to hearing your podcast.