How to Turn an Old Shirt into a DIY Pillow

We have seen many times how simple and fun it is to reuse old clothes that we no longer like to give life to many new garments and accessories: for example, a few simple notions of cutting and sewing are enough to transform a shirt into an apron or many accessories DIY for kids and repurpose old sweaters to create a bag, a warm winter hat or a pair of gloves.

And how about a DIY pillow to be made with the creative recycling of an old shirt? Here is a not wasteful idea that our readers Adriana and Sandra, bloggers from Uzzolo, tell us.

How to Turn an Old Shirt Into a Pillow

Let's see the procedure together:

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You will need

  • An old shirt
  • 4 buttons
  • An old sweater
  • An old shirt
  • Scissors, needle, pins, and sewing thread
DIY pillow
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- After recovering the old shirt and the four buttons, decide whether to match the colors of both according to your taste, turn the shirt inside out and pin the back and front on. Proceed from the armhole of the sleeve to the bottom to form a rectangle.

- Machine or hand stitch the two parts of the shirt and cut out at the seam edges.

- Turn the shirt on the front and replace the buttons by adapting the buttonholes to their size.

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- At this point, we need to put our efforts into it the stuffing of our DIY pillow: recover the unmade wool from an old sweater, and for the lining, use an old T-shirt to apply the same seams as the shirt.

- At this point, insert the T-shirt with the padding in the shirt, and your DIY pillow is ready, easy to remove for washing, and perfect for decorating the living room or children's room in a creative and low-cost way.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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