DIY Cellphone Case with Glazes, Fabric Scraps and Socks

If you need a case or a cover for your mobile phone, but you are too demanding and can't find one that completely satisfies you, don't worry! You can always count on creative recycling and "do it yourself."

The methods to create something truly original and out of the ordinary are many. Obviously, recycling means using everything in the house that is suitable to be transformed into objects of other usefulness. Therefore, your mobile phone will be safe, even if you keep it in your bag and will not suffer any damage due to shocks or bumps.

DIY case
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Do-It-Yourself Case for Mobile Phones

Let's see together things to create "do it yourself" cases or covers for your mobile phone.

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  • To build a nice case for your cell phone, you can use the milk carton. Aside from that, you will need flat rubber bands, a piece of felt, an iron, paper tape, fabric, and hot glue. At this point, after having recovered everything you need, you have to take the measurements of the phone by putting it on the milk carton. Then cut three shapes and divide one of them in half. Then cover the shapes with the chosen fabric, using the iron. The tetrapak consists of a transparent film that becomes a kind of glue when it is approached heat. Then, insert the rubber bands inside, place the mobile phone and outside for closure. For this, you need to use hot glue. Close everything with the felt: your case is ready.
  • You can make beautiful cases even with children's socks if you have old or unmatched ones. The open side of the sock can be easily closed with a ribbon, and that's it.
  • If you want to personalize your transparent case, get some colored papers or fabrics, paints, glue, and a pair of scissors. Take the card and put it on the cover. Help yourself with a pen to trace the mobile phone's outline on the paper, and remember to make the webcam hole. Then, cut out the template and on it, make your decorations with paper or fabric. Just put your imagination to good use. Finally, glue the creation on the transparent cover you already had.
DIY phone case
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  • If you have a dark spirit and like black, make a nice cover with this style. Buy studs of various shapes in haberdashery and then apply them on your cover, using some glue. You can also create actual designs. The studs must be allowed to dry for at least 24 hours.
  • It's fun to customize a cover using glazes. Take a container and fill it with two fingers of water. Then pour in dark nail polish. Then, pour in a slightly lighter glaze and try to form squiggles by making circular movements. Then immerse the cover by placing it on the bottom of the container. A part of the design created on the water's surface, thanks to the glazes, sticks to the cover; the residues instead remain on the surface. To eliminate them and prevent them from staining the cover, when you lift it, take a toothpick and shake the water with it: they will disappear immediately. So your cover is perfect, and the abstract design is absolutely original.
  • You can also customize your case with a photo. Obviously, the first thing to do is to create the cover's shape so that it is easier to adapt to the photo's size. Therefore, place the cover on a sheet of paper, trace the outline with the pencil, and reproduce the camera's hole. After that, the white paper outline is spread over the photo, and the outline is reproduced above it; once this is done, the photo is cropped. The image is of the phone's exact size: place it between it and the cover, and that's it!

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  • Create a beautiful three-dimensional cover for your mobile using hot glue. You need to line the phone with parchment paper and secure it with adhesive tape. Then, with a pencil, trace the camera lens and the buttons to understand where they are and, therefore, not put the hot glue. At this point, place your wrapped cell phone on another piece of paper and create your cover by making squiggles with hot glue. Let the case dry and then cut off any excess glue used. You can also paint the cover with your favorite glazes to give it a touch of color and add any decoration you want.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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