How to Train my Dog Not to Cry

Do you want to teach your dog not to cry? You should know that if your pet cries, it is because she suffers from separation anxiety. That is, your dog is afraid of being abandoned, hence the complaints and crying. It is a widespread behavior in dogs that are very close to their humans.

This crying also occurs when many dogs live in a home. And then your pet cries because he recognizes you as the pack leader and is scared when he doesn't see you. In this article, we tell you how to teach your dog not to cry.

Steps to follow:

Step One

That cry of your dog is the result of fear. Your goal is for him to understand that he has no reason to be this way. You cannot approach this issue by saying "no" to your pet or punishing him as this will only make the problem worse. If you scold him, you are causing unnecessary discomfort, and he will not understand it.

Training a dog not to cry
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The most appropriate strategy is to reassure your dog since you cannot explain that you will return home. You can teach him that his fears have no reason. One way to make him understand is to start with short outings. Even though it takes some time, you will see that it is a suitable method.

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Leave the house for just a few minutes and come back. Repeat this frequently several times a day, and as time goes by, the duration of the outings increases.

Step Two

To train your dog not to cry, or rather to understand that you will not abandon him, try not to make every outing a show. That is, every time you have to leave the house and leave your pet alone, do not turn the return into a scandal.

It is natural that since you love your dog very much when you return home, you greet him effusively, but with this attitude, you encourage him to miss your return excessively, so when you return home, try not to greet your pet right away.

It is about not giving importance to the fact of going back and forth. When you go out, do it as if your dog was not there and, when you return, when you open the door, do not praise your pet. You should take off your clothes, leave what you are wearing, and then say something to your dog. By doing this each time you leave the house, your dog will understand that you always come back. Your pet will learn that every outing is not an event.

Step Three

Training a dog not to cry
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Another way to keep your dog from crying is to keep him distracted. If you exercise your pet before going out, you will begin to notice results: go for a walk, run, and play with him. If your pet gets tired enough, they will surely complain less about your absence later. If he is exhausted when you return home after the walk, he is very likely to fall asleep.

You can also play with it inside your home before going out. Always have toys filled with treats ready to stimulate his interest in exercising. If you can get your pet to have a great time and get distracted long before you have to leave, they will stop crying. It is also recommended that you leave a toy or accessory to keep him company while alone, as long as it is not dangerous.

Step Four

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You must leavehim a space at home where he feels comfortable and safe. Never lock your pet in a room. You must ensure that a house is a place for your dog to be happy and calm. Leave a blanket that she likes within reach, some garment of yours, or even a bed in which she can take refuge. They are objects that will make you feel good and safe.

Training a dog not to cry
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What you should never do is go home to reassure your dog. If you do, he will get used to it and will always wait for you. In this way, you tell him that crying works, and you will make the situation worse. The underlying idea is that you should show him that everything is fine if he is left alone and has nothing to fear.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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