How to Train my Dog Not to Chew on Plants

Experts and veterinarians say that dogs tend to eat plants and grass when they have an upset stomach as a healing method to clean their abdomen due to an emotional disorder or boredom. In any case, your dog eats plants that are not at all harmful if the vegetation is wild and does not carry any toxic product. 

When the dog begins to bite the house plants or our garden, we have a problem since we tend to use unique plant care products, causing our pet to become intoxicated. If your dog tends to bite plants and you don't know how to avoid it, in this article, we'll show you how to teach your dog not to chew on plants.

Steps to follow:

Step One

One of the reasons dogs chew on plants is boredom, inattention, insecurity, or, if they are puppies, because of the gum pain caused by teething development. In these cases, it is beneficial to buy a toy for dogs that can chew instead of the plants and calm their anxiety.

Stopping dogs from chewing on plants
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Step Two

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Another reason why your dog can chew on plants is lack of exercise. Depending on the dog's size and weight, it will need a minimum time of exercise per day to burn enough energy. Know the characteristics of your dog and adapt the walk to them.

Step Three

Once the correct exercise time has been established, and the appropriate toy to chew has been purchased, we can start training so that the animal does not bite the plants. As soon as the dog approaches to bite the plants of your house, you should go and immediately say a resounding and forceful "NO." In this way, the dog will understand that he is doing something wrong.

Stopping dogs from chewing on plants
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Step Four

As soon as you tell your dog "NO," give him the chew toy to take as a substitute and calm his anxiety with it. When he picks up the toy and begins to play, praise him in a cheerful voice and reward him with a treat for dogs. Remember that positive conditioning is vital to training your dog. Repeat this process until the dog internalizes it and picks up the toy for himself.

Step Five

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If the toy does not work and your dog continues to bite the plants, spray the plants with a product with a bitter or spicy taste. Use natural products so that the plants are not damaged, and neither can the dog. Products with powerful and unpleasant odors also work. We recommend that you discuss the products you plan to use with your veterinarian to ensure that they are not harmful to the animal.

Step Six

If spraying the plants does not work either, and there is no way to teach your dog not to chew on the plants, it is best to leave the pots out of reach or fence them with a fence. If your dog also does not obey any order, it is recommended that you take him to a professional trainer.

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