How to Reduce my Dog's Stress

Stress is one of the most common conditions in dogs. However, due to lack of information, we tend to confuse it with bad behavior or nervousness, preventing us from providing our dog with the help it needs. 

Each dog expresses its state of stress in a certain way, so you should observe its behavior and go to the vet when you notice any significant change. If it has already been identified and you want to know how to reduce your dog's stress, readthis article.

Steps to follow:

Step One

The very first thing you need to do is identify the cause. If you can determine what is causing your dog's stress, it will be much easier to combat it. For example, if you take him out for a walk, the cause of stress is probably that he needs to exercise to release the tension and accumulated energy. Thus, the number of walks and the duration of each one increases.

Step Two

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Dogs are very routine animals, so you should try to include what is causing stress in their routine. In general, they can enter a state of anxiety when they feel that they do not control a particular situation, such as the arrival of visitors or introducing a new dog.

In this sense, introducing the stressful element into your routine will allow you to accept it and feel that you control it. Eliminating the problem will not fix it. As with humans, the dog must face it to accept it.

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Step Three

Providing a relaxed and quiet space is essential to reduce stress. Also, if the reason for this condition is the arrival of another dog, you should give each place. It is not advisable to share a bowl, bed, or toys; each should have their belongings. You should not exclude your dog with a puppy's arrival at home because her stress will increase.

Step Four

Stimulating your mind is an important aspect when it comes to reducing dog stress. For this, games are essential. You should dedicate small moments of the day to playing with your dog. You can also do it with walks, throwing the ball, or providing interactive toys such as kongs.

These toys allow you to put some food in them, and your dog tries to catch it. In this way, you stimulate your mind and speed it up, forgetting about your stress.

Step Five

Another very effective way to streamline your mind is by placing a little feed around the different corners of the house to try to find it by tracking. It is also good to take it for a walk from time to time to new places, so that it considers new smells and, in general, new motivations.

Step Six

Choosing food correctly is essential to reduce or avoid stress. Likewise, if the cause of your dog's state of stress is a change in diet, you should go to your veterinarian to indicate the guidelines to follow. Remember that when we change the food from puppy to adult, we must gradually mix both foods until we eliminate the old one. The same happens when we want to change the brand or type of feed.

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Step Seven

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Your emotional state matters. Dogs have a level of empathy much higher than ours. This means that they are capable of adopting our state as their own. So if we are stressed, they can be. If this is the cause, reducing your stress is the first step in calming your dog.

Step Eight

If your dog is still stressed, you should take him to the vet because the reason may be the appearance of a disease that has not yet presented symptoms or did not appreciate it.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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