How to Know if You are Going to Be Fired

Finding a job is very difficult in the current situation, so it is essential to keep it. To improve our company's involvement before it is too late, it would be interesting to identify which situations give us clues about a possible dismissal.

Also, certain situations that indicate that we can be fired may indicate "mobbing" or workplace harassment, being more important than their identification. Here are some keys to know if you are going to be fired.

Steps to follow:

Step One

The first clear indicator of a future dismissal is that they ignore you, that is, that they do not consult you about decisions in your field or that they do not listen to your opinions. Obviously, they would not take your initiatives or proposals into account either.

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Step Two

When you are not taken into account in situations of internal promotion of both the company and the department, it can be a sign that does not give confidence in the future. Still, it should generate a reaction to improve our performance.

Step Three

Another indicator that you will be fired is that the company started a series of salary improvements to the rest of the workers without taking you into account. However, this situation can also serve as a stimulus to improve our company's involvement and earn us a salary increase.

How to Know you are going to be fired
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Step Four

When the head of the team, department, or section you are in treats you with contempt or reluctance, always speaking to you with bad manners, it is difficult for you to work much longer for him or the company.

Step Five

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Another bad sign would be that your boss always tries to put you down in front of your colleagues, always highlighting your mistakes, overlooking possible achievements, and always trying to turn you against your colleagues.

Step Six

If the employee that you were in charge of is promoted more quickly and is placed above you, it is an indicator that the company does not trust your abilities, so that, if it is not improved, it could end in dismissal.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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