Having a Company Lunch? Read This

Alcohol, being out of the office, and having lunch or dinner with colleagues and the boss can trick employees, especially if they drink a little more than necessary and decide to tell truths than in normal situations they would not say.

To avoid regretting your behavior during a company lunch, we will show you how you should behave to retain the boss's love and the rest of your colleagues.

Steps to follow:

Step One

It is essential to attend business meals. It will look awful if, without just cause, you decline the boss's invitation to go to lunch or dinner with your co-workers. Keep in mind that it is food to strengthen relationships.

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Only in one specific circumstance may you refuse not to attend, and that is when it is the employee himself who pays his cover, but your absence from the company lunch would also be frowned upon.

Step Two

You will eat with your co-workers and your boss in a restaurant outside the office and in a more or less relaxed atmosphere. Even so, you cannot go dressed in just any outfitTry to wear something elegant and understated and not too scandalous.

Step Three

During your meal, try to strike up a conversation with everyone around you, even those you only greet out of politeness. The topics to talk about put aside work and conflicting matters such as politics and religion.

Step Four

Drink in moderation. This gesture is not only a sign of sanity but also good manners. Also, you already know what happens when someone overdoses on alcohol and drinks more than necessary. You do not want to act or speak in a manner that you wouldn't dare to do in normal situations.

How to behave at a company lunch - Step 4
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Step Five

Don't flirt with co-workers. Relationships with co-workers are frowned upon, and a new relationship shouldn't arise during a company's lunch or dinner. There are many more days to meet that person.

Step Six

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After the company lunch, you have to know when to go home. Do not leave first because it will feel that you were wanting to finish eating to leave. Let someone go first, and then let the attendees know that you are going home.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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