How to Clean Velvet Shoes

The velvet is one of the most delicate and difficult to clean fabrics. For this reason, we are not used to wearing it daily, and we wear our velvet garments on special occasions or parties that require an elegant and sophisticated outfit.

But this not only happens with clothes, with velvet shoes the same thing happens but also we are compelled to wash them by hand because we are unable to put them in the washing machine. It is at this moment when we consider which product is the right one to avoid damaging our shoes and how we should remove stains. If you want to show off perfect shoes at your next party, read on and discover how to clean velvet shoes.

Steps to follow:

Step One

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The first thing you should do to clean your velvet shoes is to take a soft bristle brush and brush carefully without pressing the shoe, paying special attention to the stains. Always brush in the direction of the velvet fabric.

Step Two

Then, take an empty plastic bottle larger than 1 liter and mix 1 tablespoon of detergent with 1 liter of warm water. The water cannot be hot because it will damage the velvet fabric. Shake the bottle well to create a lot of lather.

When the maximum possible foam has been produced, put a little foam on the brush's soft bristles (only the foam) and rub the stains very gently, in favor of the velvet, without pressing. Then, with a clean cloth, remove the foam from the shoe and let it dry.

How to clean velvet shoes
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Step Three

If your velvet shoes have been stained with grease or some food, you can try cleaning them with alcohol. Take a container, fill it with water, and add a little alcohol. Use the traditional alcohol that we keep in medicine cabinets to heal wounds. A more aggressive one would tear the velvet fabric. Mix well and dampen a soft sponge.

To avoid damaging the shoe, the sponge cannot be abrasive. Squeeze the sponge well to avoid over-wetting the shoes and softly, without pressing, rub the stains. Rinse the sponge several times to clean it and leave the dirt in the water. With a clean cloth, remove any remaining solution and let the velvet shoe dry.

Step Four

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If you have the opportunity to clean the stain immediately after it occurs, cover it with talcum powder and let it work for a day or even two. After this time, do step 3 to remove the stains from your velvet shoes if there remains.

Step Five

Try cleaning your velvet shoes following these processes and leave them as new. If the stains are severe and do not go away, take them to a professional to remove them.

More Tips

  • Remember that you cannot use hot water to clean your velvet shoes as it will damage the fabric.
  • Don't get velvet shoes too wet.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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