How to Clean Car Windows

Cleaning car windows is not just a matter of hygiene and aesthetics. Driving safety will be compromised if you drive with them very dirty, especially when you travel during the day.

90The sun hits you from the front, a circumstance in which visibility will be drastically reduced if the windshield is dirty. For this reason, we provide you with some advice on how to clean car windows.

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Steps to Follow

First, you have to clean the windows on the outside, with the windows up and the doors closed completely. Use a hose with pressurized water and take the opportunity to remove dirt from the entire car.

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After cleaning the car windows on the outside, there are still spots, rub them with a cloth dampened in soapy water. Then rinse the area with the hose.

cleaning car windows
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For the final touch, use the newspaper soaked in water. Do not be afraid that you will scratch the windows of the car as this will not happen.

Now, you will clean the car windows inside. You should use a bucket with soapy water and a sponge. Apply it over the entire surface of the crystals, emphasizing the areas where there are stains. Then rinse with a damp cloth.

To complete the interior cleaning of the car windows, use a spray glass cleaner. Utilizing a microfiber cloth, spread it out. To finish the operation, use the newspaper soaked in water, as you did with the area outside.

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Clean the windows every time you check that they are dirty. You cannot determine a time, since they depend on the use you give the car and the areas you travel to.

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