Free Gold and Diamonds on Free Fire - How to Access

Free Fire is a mobile game that has been around since late 2017, and since then, it has received quite a bit of love from both fans and the developers, 111 Dots Studio. What made it so special is that it was one of the few games that brought the battle royale genre to the mobile platform.

Anyone familiar with mobile and battle royale games will be instantly familiar with Free Fire and the in-game concepts. This article serves to help newcomers to the game and genres to understand the game concepts better.

Without further ado, check out these instructions for Free Fire's free gold and diamonds, as well as other mechanics of the game.

Free Gold and Diamonds on Free Fire - How to Access

Details About the Game

The battle royale game Garena's Free Fire, available for mobile devices, is one of the most successful of it’s kind thanks to its successful porting of the genre to the platform.

The game pitches you against 49 other players on a remote island, dropping all of you from a parachute to a designated landing point of your choice. The map eventually begins to effectively shrink as a designated safe zone appears and begins to shrink, forcing all players to get closer and closer as the clock goes on.

This leads to players being forced into encounters, battling it out to see who can survive the longest. Each game is filled with vehicles, weapons, and various environmental aspects such as tall grass and trenches that make each game fresh and exciting.

All of this takes place in 10-minute games that are unique and varied thanks to randomized item spawns, leading to tense and exciting situations as you enjoy the core survival-shooter experience.

Gather items, prepare yourself for combat, and ambush other players as you try to become the sole player or team that survives the Free Fire!

How to Play

The game's mechanics are pretty straightforward and streamlined so that players can enjoy the experience regardless of technical skill. In essence, it is a looting and shooting game on a map with items that are randomized each time.

The main goal is to survive to the end as each of the 50 players on the map engages on a free-for-all and battle it out for the best gear to become the sole winner of the match.

The game also features a multiplayer option to create a squad with up to four of your friends, allowing you to communicate with the in-game voice chat.

Choose the spot you want to land with your parachute, run around gathering equipment to survive, defeat any other players that get in your way, and become the number one champion in the spotlight!

How to Get Free Gold and Diamonds

There are several ways to get gold and diamonds in Free Fire for free. You can obtain them in the following methods, both in-game and outside of it.


  • Daily rewards: logging into the game daily rewards you with various items to use in-game, including gold.
  • Activity missions: every player is assigned specific tasks to complete in-game, with the reward for these tasks being more gold.
  • Playing the game: you will always get gold at the end of matches based on your performance.
  • Taking part in events: several in-game events give you multiple rewards for taking part.
  • End of season rewards: there is a seasonal ranking system in which all players are sorted based on their performance. The better you play, the higher your tier. And the higher your tier, the more rewards you receive at the end of the season.


There are no in-game ways to earn diamonds for free, as this is the premium currency. However, other apps can help:

  • Google Opinion Rewards: This app lets you complete surveys that earn you Google Play credits, which you can use to purchase diamonds.
  • YSense: similarly, YSense lets you complete tasks and surveys for points to redeem gift cards or use in games.

Why You Want Gold and Diamonds

Both of these currencies are used for in-game cosmetics and characters, which enables character customization, giving you the chance to stand out on the battlefield. The game is available for both iOS and Android.

Free Gold and Diamonds on Free Fire - How to Access


Garena’s Free Fire is a fun and exciting mobile battle royale game, one of the few that have successfully brought the genre to the platform. Play the game, earn yourself some gold, and become one of the top players on the ranking boards!