Best Dog Breeds for Children

Does your child constantly ask you for a dog? Have you been denying them for a long time but the time has come to take the step? If you have finally made the decision to add a pet to the family, then you are interested in reading this article in which we list the most suitable dog breeds to live with children.

We must start from the basis that a dog, of any breed or mongrel, will bring countless benefits to the smallest of the house and to their parents. However, there are certain breeds that are more suitable for living with minors, simply because they have a sweeter, nobler, and more patient character. Find out what they are in this post!

Experts agree that, unless there is a contrary medical prescription (such as a severe allergy), it is a great success to buy or adopt a dog. This is due to several advantages they offer children both physically and emotionally. In fact, every day they are being used more in psychological therapies because they help people to relax and express their feelings. They are also a great help to acquire healthy habits, such as the simple act of going for a walk with them. Here are a few benefits of living with dogs.

Benefits of Living With Dogs

On a physical level, walks with dogs increase the cardiovascular and pulmonary capacity of children and away from a sedentary lifestyle, television, and electronic devices.

Playing and practicing sports with the pet strengthens the bones and muscles of children and contributes to obtaining better balance and coordination.

Another very remarkable point is that, according to a study carried out by the University of Kuopio (Finland), babies living with animals suffer 50% fewer ear infections and 30% fewer respiratory diseases. According to experts, children who have pets develop a stronger immune system when exposed to a greater number of pathogens. And not only this, the fact of having dogs or cats since childhood reduces the risk of suffering from allergies.

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- In the psychological aspect, taking care of a living being makes the little ones adopt responsibilities from a young age, which helps them in their maturation process. We can leave them tasks such as feeding the dog, water, brushing it, and even helping to train the puppy

-Different studies have shown that children who have dogs are less likely to suffer from psychological disorders such as anxiety. And it is that the dog helps them to be distracted since it keeps them busy in addition to keeping them company without expecting anything in return. Likewise, stroking the animal, or simply being next to it, helps the body release oxytocin, the so-called 'love hormone', which reduces the risk of depression and relieves stress.

-Going out to the park and seeing other dogs and their owners, going to the vet or to the pet store makes children more sociable. This is because it puts them in contact with other people with whom they have something in common. How many dog movies have we seen in which the main characters have met - and fell in love - when they were walking their pets? Also, children with dogs have higher self-esteem as they are more outgoing.   

What are the Best Dog Breeds to Live With Children?

After knowing all the benefits that living with dogs brings, the question now is, what are the most recommended breeds to live with children? We see them one by one. Read along with me.


Retriever dog
Photo credit: Pixaby

The Labradors and golden are the first breeds that spring to mind when we talk about dogs and children. This fame is justified if we take into account that they are dogs that are characterized by an extroverted and playful character (they are tireless in the game!), As well as infinite patience and a developed protective instinct. They are ideal, therefore, for families with children, and of great help for those who have hyperactive behavior. One fact that we must bear in mind is that they need to play, exercise, and run to expend all the energy they carry inside.


Beagle dog
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The beagle is also a very sociable dog. With a calm character, he is also very obedient, playful, and friendly, which makes it easy for him to interact very well with children, even with strangers. But, for this to happen, it is important to socialize him well and educate him from a very young age.


Boxer dog breed
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This marvelous physique hides an eternal puppy that is always happy and affectionate, which makes it one of the most recommended breeds to live with young children. To stay healthy and fit you need a good amount of physical activity every day  


Border collie
Image source: Pixaby

It is one of the most intelligent breeds of the canine species. He is also very sociable and recognized for his great ability to learn, which makes him the most popular in agility and obedience competitions.

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Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard dog
Image source: Pixaby

These gigantic dogs are pure goodness. They are happy when they participate in family activities, play, run, and, above all, when they spend time with children since they are very social and friendly in nature. Despite their size, they are also recommended as dogs to live in flats because they have a calm character. Of course, they have to go outside for long walks so that they can develop their muscles correctly.  

Bottom Line

Living with a dog is an extremely enriching experience for your child. If you have decided to buy or adopt one, check our list and choose one that you love most.

Translated and adopted by The Cop Cart Staff.

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