10 Ways to Save Money on Supermarket Shopping

Go to the store without children and a smartphone. And practice counting in your head.

We spend monthly on products of household food consumption in 2017about 30% of earnings. This kind of expenditure is vital. But there are a number of you can assist yourself in shopping smarter and leaving less money in grocery stores.

1. Turn off your smartphone

Shopping for groceries is not very interesting. Therefore, avoid phones and if you do,it will cost you money to buy more than planned. There is evidence that social media, audiobooks, and podcasts will distract you and spend more time in the store. And the longer you walk between the aisles of the supermarket, the more you buy.

2. Be careful about discounted items

When we see bright red-yellow price tags, then at some point, we stop reasoning sensibly. Therefore, before sweeping discounted products off the shelves, check the expiration date and think carefully if you need these 10 packs of dumplings from an unknown company. Indeed, the store often lowers the price, because in a couple of days the products will deteriorate or because they are simply tasteless and are reluctant to buy.

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3. Don't fall into the trap of marketers

Supermarkets are specially designed so that you leave as much money as possible there. Huge teams of people have worked on this for years and have learned to use all our weaknesses to get us to buy. If you go to the store, remember at least the basic tricks of marketers.

The most expensive and often unnecessary items are displayed at eye level. Consequently, if you'd like to save money, do not forget to look at the lower shelves.

Basic products - cereals, vegetables, fruits, meat, milk, bread - can be easily bought if you move only along the store's perimeter, without going deep inside. Because in the center of the supermarket, as a rule, there are shelves with sweets, semi-finished products, juices, household chemicals, and small rubbish like toys and goods for a summer residence.

4. Count in your mind

As you put things in your shopping cart, add up the cost, so you know exactly how much you will pay at the checkout. This will keep you on your toes and prevent you from gaining too much.

10 Ways to Save Money on Supermarket Shopping
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5. Avoid packaged goods

It is much easier to buy tomatoes on a substrate, already wrapped in cellophane than to put them in a bag and weigh them yourself. But the cost of a packaged tomato tends to be higher, which means you'll spend a little more. The same goes for sliced ​​cheese or sausages.

6. Do not take children with you

Even adults can not always resist the temptation to grab a chocolate bar in a bright package from the shelf. What can we say about babies, who are trapped in supermarkets much more temptations: from sweets to toys and children's magazines.

Resisting children's pleas and tears can be very difficult, especially when a disgruntled queue sighs behind you.

So try to shop without kids. Or negotiate in advance what and how much you can buy.

7. Take a bottle of water with you

Surely you have heard the recommendation to eat before going grocery more than once. If you come to the store hungry, the mouth-watering sights and smells can provoke you to unnecessary purchases. But the same goes for thirst. And when we think we are hungry, we start grabbing everything from the shelves. A few sips of water, especially during the hot season, can relieve you of these false sensations.

8. Conduct an audit of the refrigerator

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As well as kitchen cabinets. If you know exactly what products you are missing, then do not buy too much, and then you will not have to throw out unused food.

9. Make a menu for the week

You'll need to put in some time and effort, but it will save you from thinking of the store shelves. If you are certain of the meal you will prepare, you can easily make an accurate list of all the foods you need. As a result, you won't make unnecessary purchases.

Additionally, if you have taken care of the menu and the products for it in advance, there is less risk of getting lazy and ordering ready-made food.

10. Order online

Some supermarkets have this service; you can select products through the website or app and then pick them up at the store. Or wait until they are brought to your home. With this approach, you will have more time to think about your purchases, evaluate prices, and search for discounts. Also, you can cancel or re-check out if you realize that you have typed too much.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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