9 Most Convenient Programs for Managing Your Family Budget

It's easy to keep track of personal money, and the family budget is already full-fledged accounting. Here are the programs that do the job.

For effective use, the application must be multi-user and suitable for different operating systems so that everyone in the family can make changes in real-time. As a rule, developers offer to pay for the possibility of access by several people.

1. Trash

The app prepares a detailed report on the total budget and shows individual spending. Each family member can comment on their expenses. It allows you to configure SMS recognition from the bank and their automatic accounting in funds' movement. Bookkeeping can be done in different currencies and on different accounts. The application is protected from prying eyes with a password and a PIN.

Several features of the application, including the capability to connect multiple users, depend on the availability of a subscription on the service website. It will cost 599 rubles a year.

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2. Zen-Money

A multi-user application where you can plan your personal and family budget at the same time. It allows you to import transactions from banking services, electronic money systems. Zen-money provides a detailed analysis of expenses and considers the movement of funds in different currencies, including cryptocurrencies. Statistics are available from the app and website. The standard version of the application is cost-free. For additional functions, you will have to pay 1,249 rubles for all family members.

3. CoinKeeper

You can use a mobile application or the web version of the service to manage finances. The developers assure that CoinKeeper allows you to deal with both the family's cash flows and a small company's budget. The application supports the import of transactions from more than 150 Russian banks, recognizes expenses from SMS. You can set reminders for the return of debts and a limit on spending during the reporting period.

9 Most Convenient Programs for Managing Your Family Budget
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4. Toshl

The app supports almost 200 currencies, including 30 cryptocurrencies, and the rate is constantly updated. It instantly synchronizes with the website, imports data from online banking files, and prompts you to enter expenses in the appropriate fields. Toshl will help you keep track of your budget. For conservatives, the application generates reports in PDF, Excel, and Google Docs.

5. Monson

Quite an interesting young application from Russian developers. Financial accounting includes categories and several accounts, debt accounting, and import of transactions from SMS messages (this function is rarely found on iOS). The app also allows you to manage the total budget with your family members conveniently. However, for this, each member will need to pay a monthly premium subscription.

6. Alzex Finance

Each user of the program can set up their own account. Thanks to this, each family member will choose which flows of funds to make available to everyone and which to hide. A tree-like tagging system allows you to track expenses by large and small categories. In the application, you can track debts and set financial goals.


The program works only with one currency and is not Russified, but its advantages cover these disadvantages. YNAB doesn't just account for income and expenses. This is a complete system that allows you to make a short and long-term budget. It detects underspending and overspending and works correctly with debts.

8. Cash Organizer

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A multi-user program in which each user can hide part of the transfers of funds from other family members. Data can be entered offline. They are subsequently synchronized with all devices via the cloud. The developers promise to protect the data with 256-bit encryption so that even they will not know the financial information about users.

9. Home bookkeeping

The application allows you to keep track of expenses and income in all currencies of the world. You can use any two at the same time. All data is synchronized with the application on the PC. A portable version of the program is available, which is installed on a USB flash drive. The records of each family member are password protected. For the full functionality of the program, you will have to pay 990 rubles.

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