6 Ways to Reduce on The Risk of Senile Dementia

Dementia is considered an inevitable part of aging. But many of its symptoms can be prevented or mitigated. These measures should be taken now to remain sane and have a good memory in the future.

1. Quit smoking

According to the Alzheimer's Federation International (ADI), , Smoking increases the risk of dementia. Smokers are 45% more likely to develop dementia than non-smokers. The good news is that even long-term smokers who have given up their addiction increase their chances of healthy aging.

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2. Drink less

Reducing alcohol consumption, like smoking, reduces the risk of developing senile dementia. Ideally, you should drink no more than 1-2 glasses a day. Drinking more increases your risk of developing hypertension. Moderate alcohol consumption can reduce the risk of stroke.

It's best not to start drinking if you don't already. For your health.

3. Be active

Physical activity is also bearing fruit in the future. But exercises that are based on the movement of the legs are especially effective. These include Celtic dancing, tango, cycling. Yoga, which can help reduce stress and blood pressure, and Taijiquan exercises, which improve balance, are also helpful.

4. Eat right

The Mediterranean diet is best for fighting dementia. It includes large amounts of vegetables, fruits, olive oil, grains, and minimal consumption of red meat and moderate consumption of wine and dairy products.

6 Ways to Reduce on The Risk of Senile Dementia
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5. Get enough sleep

According to the University of California at Berkeley, people who sleep little and poorly are more prone to Alzheimer's disease. The explanation is that they have a high concentration of beta-amyloid, a substance that is likely to provoke this ailment.

To sleep well, it is best to turn to calming practices like yoga rather than sleeping pills.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy can also enhance sleep quality. Of course, caffeine, sweets, and processed foods should be avoided in the evening because they may result in insomnia.

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6. Learn a new language

Learning a language forms new neural connections in the brain, which, in general, improves its state. Unfortunately, acquiring knowledge becomes more difficult with age. But even solving puzzles like crosswords or Sudoku can help reduce your risk of senile dementia by making your brain work and learn new words.

Those who lead a healthy lifestyle do not need to worry too much. If you have a lot of bad habits, try to give up at least one. Decades later, you will be grateful to yourself for such a decision.

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