Puppy Tearing Up Pee Pad? See What to Do

If your dog eats his training sheets, house-breaking your puppy will prove quite a challenge. You've also wondered if there's a simpler way to clean up torn pee pads and yellow puddles more than once.

In order to make torn pee pads a distant memory and get your sweet puppy on a simplified potty training course, there are many things you can do.

Your puppy can understand that pee pads are for peeing, but who says they can't act as a toy for chewing? You can use a few tools and an order to block his attempts to shred his pad. Here are some tricks and tips you should be aware of right now.

Puppy Tearing Up Pee Pad? See What to Do
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Consider A Pee Pad Holder

Half the battle with the pee pad involves holding the pad in place so that your dog can't jump or chew it quickly. To keep them safe and make them more difficult to tear apart, some brands of pee pads have accompanying plastic trays or holders.

To hold them locked in place, some come with adhesive strips on the rim. Get a double-sided tape. Create your own adhesive strips if your pads aren't that fancy.

Train Your Puppy With Words On Command

Train your dog on command to leave the training bed. It takes a bit of time to teach the "Leave it" order, but it's a useful order you will use for the rest of your pup's life. Start out by keeping it in your hand with his favorite treat.

Say, "Take it" and show the hand with a treat. When your curious friend has finished sniffing around and pulls back, congratulate him and give him a treat from the other side. Never give him the treat you're using for training.

Keep doing the command again and again, going into more challenging terrain, such as telling him to leave a slice of cheese alone on the carpet, until he reacts positively each time you say, "Leave it". Say the command anytime you catch him gnawing on the corner of the training pad.

Remember To Keep Your Cool

If your dog has an accident or rips up a pee pad that he went to the bathroom on, don't punish him when you discover it. Just lay out a fresh new pad and give her a chance to get on this one.

It is critical that you maintain your composure. Yelling at your dog and chastising him would just show him that when you're not home, he can do same, and it's safe to do so.

Go Green

If your puppy keeps tearing up pee pads, rather than disposables, consider using cloth ones. It is very absorbent and difficult to tear cloth pads. After a pad is used by your dog, simply chuck it in the washing machine and use it over and over again.

Litter boxes designed especially for dogs are also available. These boxes consist of a grate of plastic that sits over a pan of litter.

The water or liquid falls through the grating and gets stuck below, keeping clean and dry both your floor and the paws of your puppy.

For indoor potty training, synthetic or real grass mats can also serve. These reusable pad alternatives create less waste and, which is a bonus, are better for the environment.

Tailor Fit The Pee Pads For Your Dog

For puppies, pee pads are not only a good fit; they can also be helpful for dogs. Pee pads can help elderly, ill, or disabled dogs as well as dogs who live in homes and get left alone for long stretches, or can't go out because of extreme weather conditions.

By following a few suggestions and making them use them, you will keep your puppy from shredding their pee pads. Your dog will save squeaky toys and stuffed animals from ripping and tearing.

Puppy Tearing Up Pee Pad? See What to Do
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Train your puppy positively. This way, your dog will not be traumatized in training himself as well. Follow these tips now and have fun training your puppy.