How to Repair an Inflatable Mat

Everyone at one point or another in our lives has had an inflatable mat, an essential item when we go to spend the day at the beach, and that always ends up getting punctured, completely spoiling the fun.

To stop this from occurring, we tell you how to repair an inflatable mat, and we encourage you to put into practice a series of interesting tricks that will be very useful.

Steps to follow:

Step One

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Finding the puncture should be your first step, and this is as easy as inflating the boat, pouring soap and water over the entire surface, and looking for small bubbles formed by the air leak. Another way to do it is to inflate the inflatable mat or mattress and put it in the pool or bathtub.

Step Two

When you have located it, you must mark the area with a marker, and then sand the surface and wipe it with a cloth dipped in alcohol. Deflate the mattress or mattress and place a patch with extra-strong, flexible, shock, and vibration resistant glue. A product that is also very effective for garden and bathroom repair tasks. You can find this patch in Chinese stores or online.

How to repair an inflatable mat - Step 2
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Step Three

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To ensure that the patch is perfectly adhered to, you must press with your fingers and wait for the time specified by the manufacturer on the packaging before starting to use your inflatable mat. As stated at the beginning of our article, it is a straightforward, fast, and cheap task that anyone can do.

How to repair an inflatable mat - Step 3
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Step Four

You have to put these simple tricks into practice and buy the necessary items at any DIY store. In a few easy steps, you will have managed to repair your mat without having to purchase a new one—a fun and easy chore that will help you put your skills to the test.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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