How to Clean My Car Floor Mats

After putting it off for a while, it's time for you to take a nice dip in your car. There are many hours we spend in our vehicle, especially those who use it daily to go to work or even as a work tool. Therefore, it is advisable to keep the car clean, mostly indoors, to create a pleasant atmosphere to relax during stressful traffic jams or trips of several hours as a family.

And inside the interior upholstery, one of the objects that we soil the most are the mats. So if you want to leave them shiny and free of dirt and foul odors, in this article, we explain how to clean your car floor mats.

Step One

First of all, to remove the mats and wash them, it is advisable that the rest of the car is well organized and that the objects that we usually store on the ground, collected in the compartments prepared for them.

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Also, the elements of the upper part, such as the seats, the interior windows of the windows, or the glove compartment, should be already clean because it is useless to leave the carpets as new if we are going to spill cleaning products on them later.

cleaning car mats
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Step Two

Once the rest of the interior upholstery is clean and the objects that we usually store, such as sunglasses, air fresheners, or ashtray are already collected, we will extract the mats from their usual position to clean them more comfortably outside.

Step Three

With the mats already out of the car, it is necessary to clean the little piece of floor that they covered. If you are in your house or garage, it is best to use a vacuum cleaner. There are special vacuum cleaners for carpets, but if you can't get one, you can use a damp cloth to get the dirt to adhere to.

If you are in a car wash, for a few coins, there are special vacuum cleaners that you can use in your car for a few minutes.

Step Four

Now we have everything ready to start cleaning the mats taking into account what type of material they are made of. However, there is a previous step common to all kinds of rugs: shaking. It is one of the most fun steps, hitting with all your might on a hard surface and as clean as possible. In addition to removing dust and other stubborn dirt, it's a great way to relieve stress!

Step Five

In older cars, the floor mats used to be plastic or soft rubber. This type of mat is the easiest to clean. Just a damp cloth or a hose and let them dry for a while.

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However, many of the floor mats that complement the latest car models are of a similar grain to that of the interior carpet. If that is our case, we could use the techniques described in step number 3 again.

However, in almost all establishments engaged in cleaning the car, there are some automatic machines known just as clean mats, which are activated by a coin getting to brush, lathering with soap, rinsing them, and dry them in a few minutes.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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