How to Bathe a Maltese Bichon

The Maltese Bichon is an adorable breed of dog, which tends to be very popular for its small size and its soft white fur. Although we are not deceived, to ensure that your hair stays this well, we must take extreme care.

If you already have a dog of this breed or are thinking of taking one in, keep reading this article in which we will teach you how to bathe a Maltese. You will see that it is effortless and you can do it at home. It is recommended to wash it every 3 or 4 weeks and brush it daily. You sign up?

You will need to:

  •  Dog shampoo
  •  Dog brush
  •  Conditioner for dogs
  •  A towel
  •  A hairdryer

Steps to follow:

Step One

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Start with a good brushing before bathing your Maltese. Eliminate the knots that you can by insisting on the most complicated parts, always beginning to untangle at the ends. If it has a lot of knots, better brush it for a couple of days, before bathing it, to be able to wash it without knots and that the soap penetrates better into the fur and skin.

Maltese dogs
Image source: Reproduction/Internet

Brushing your dog is essential for his health, especially if he is long-haired. Poorly groomed dogs get dirty more quickly and shed more hair. Also, they can suffer some skin diseases if the care of their fur and skin is neglected. Again, with daily brushing, you caress and relax them so that you will improve even the behaviour of your Maltese and your relationship.

Step Two

To bathe your dog at home, before putting your dog in the bathtub or shower, check that the water is hot, but without going overboard, it is better to keep it warm and at a maximum of 27ºC. In addition to being more pleasant, hot water is better at cleaning dirt, dilating pores and allowing the skin to cleanse itself better. With water at a suitable temperature instead of cold, your dog will be calmer, and you can proceed to clean it calmly.

Check that all hair is very wet. Insist on the part of the loin, where there are more layers, but without forgetting the part below the neck and belly. The first pass of water that soaks all the layers well will remove a good part of the dirt.

Step Three

Apply the special dog shampoo. You can dilute it in water first in your hand, or using a small bowl or container to make it more lather.

Spread and rub the soap all over the body in circles. If you have done well in brushing, this part will be much more comfortable, since the knots are annoying when applying the soap and prevent so much foam from forming.

Any specific soap for dogs will do, but we recommend that you use oatmeal or aloe vera soap because they have moisturizing and soothing properties and are products of natural origin.

When you have applied the soap, wait a couple of minutes for the product to absorb into your dog's hair. Rinse with plenty of warm water until no soap remains, as any residue left will make the skin irritated and itchy.

 Step Four

Apply a special mask for long-haired dogs to strengthen and increase the elasticity of the hair of your Maltese. The hair of the dogs is very punished because, with their games among the plants, they hook things daily. Knots don't help much to keep your hair neat either.

Spread the mask all over your dog's hair. Make sure that it is evenly and abundantly distributed (although it depends on the manufacturer's instructions). Follow the directions on the product and wait for the minutes marked on the label. Usually, the product is left on for about 10 minutes to take effect. During this time, you can comb your hair so that the conditioner applies well. After the waiting time, rinse in plenty of water.

Step Five

Finally, get your furry friend out of the bathtub and pat him dry with a towel or more. Gently rub all over its body, insisting on the back and especially on the legs so that it does not dirty the whole house and thus dries sooner than if we let it air dry.

When it is quite dry, or your towel is not giving more of itself, put it aside and pick up the brush again. Comb your Maltese's hair well, then blow-dry for a flawless finish.

Bathing a maltese dogs
Image source: Reproduction/Internet

The hairdryer may make you nervous. Make sure the air temperature is not too high and pet your dog while you dry it. Since stroking is a good thing, he will interpret that he is not in danger even if the dryer is something strange. We also recommend that you use the dryer at a certain distance, enough for the air to reach it but far enough not to burn it accidentally due to the temperature.

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The dryer may not be allowed to approach, but if necessary, take a dry towel and continue to insist until the coat is as dry as possible. After drying, brush your hair a little more, to avoid tangles that could have been done again with the dryer.

More Tips

  • Be patient as dogs are often scared of being bathed. So, speak in a soft voice, don't make loud noises or jerky movements, and pet your dog frequently throughout the process.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

Sources: Uncomo