8 Signs Your Boss Appreciates You, Even if He Doesn’t Show You

Things may not be as bad at work as you thought. Having a good relationship with your boss is an integral part of professional success. After all, your career is in his hands. Hire, promote, or fire – he decides. Suzanne Bates, CEO of Bates Communications and author of All the Leader You Can Be, helps you sort out the subtle signs you are on the right track.

1.You are being treated harshly

The boss, seeing your potential, can often evaluate your work and not always positively. Some would call this the principle of “beats means loves.” And all because your boss sincerely believes that you can adequately take his criticism and are ready for more responsibility.


There is another option; you are not particularly criticized, but they are not praised either. The manager may think that you are already aware of your value, and does not want to praise you, or forgets to give a positive assessment because you are constantly doing a lot of tasks perfectly. Instead of expecting a kind word, ask your boss for honest feedback on your work – it will be more effective.

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2. You are being tested

It turns out it’s not so bad if you get overwhelmed from time to time.

The leader sometimes gives you more tasks than you think you can complete. But not because he wants to punish you. This is a kind of challenge, accepting which, you can once again prove your worth.

Suzanne Bates, CEO of Bates Communications

3. Your opinion is appreciated

Stop worrying about whether your boss likes you or not. Because the most important thing is whether he respects you, whether he listens to your opinion on important issues. Mutual sympathy is not all that important if you are making a valuable contribution to the company’s development.

If your leader often asks your opinion on the issues discussed during the meeting, gives you enough time to speak, and then assesses your opinion positively, this is a good sign.

Bruce Tulgan, CEO RainmakerThinking

4. The first step is to contact you

If the boss comes to you with a new assignment, this is a clear sign that they see you as a valuable employee. It doesn’t matter whether you need to solve a simple issue or take on a serious project.

8 Signs Your Boss Appreciates You, Even if He Doesn't Show You
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5. They make you an example

When other employees find it difficult to complete a task, and the boss sends them to you for help, instructions, or an example, it says a lot.

6. You are entrusted with important tasks

If you are asked to deal with key clients, this is clearly an indicator that you are trusted. Leaders often delegate responsibilities to the most talented employees. You may not get a medal, but you can take on an important project, perhaps even managing colleagues.

7. People are interested in your business

If the manager appreciates you and does not want to lose, he will periodically ask whether you are happy with everyone or your plans. This is not an interrogation – such conversations help him understand how to keep good employees.

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8. You are asked to teach others

If your boss constantly asks you to supervise newcomers, it may seem like he is just overloading you with additional work. In some cases, it is.

But it can also mean that he is pleased with your success and wants new employees to learn from the master. Instead of complaining about the pressure that has fallen, take the chance to hone your leadership skills, and showcase your experience.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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